5 Things to Try This Month – August 2013

Here are my top five things I would like to try for August 2013.

CC Cream for Your Hair

Alterna’s Caviar CC Cream

We’ve seen many companies launch CC cream or “Complete Correction” for face. If your face deserves such special treatment, what about your hair too? To protect your hair from heat and UV, and keep them smooth and soft, Alterna’s Caviar CC Cream ($25) is a great way to start.

Cocktail Reception with Jason Wu

Nordstrom hosted a cocktail reception for Jason Wu to promote Fall 2013 collection for his Miss Wu line. The event was on Thursday, August 1, in Bellevue, WA. Not only did I get to chat with him at the event, I even got a new dress autographed by him during the reception. Read more.

New Makeup Line by Marc Jacobs

Makeup Line by Marc Jacobs

I’ve been waiting to see Marc Jacobs’ new makeup collection for months.  It is finally launching in August at Sephora. I can’t wait to attend the special launch event on August 9! Read more.

Polka Dots with a Touch of Colorblock

Linen Colorblock Dot Top

I am a big fan of polka dots. For a choice of new tee, what can be more delightful than picking JCrew’s polka dot top with three-quarter colorblock sleeves? I can see myself wearing it on a laidback Sunday with friends.

Try a Nutrient-rich Food

Makeup Line by Marc Jacobs

Quinoa, has been in the spotlight as a healthy, nutrient-rich food lately. It is packed with good things such as Vitamin E, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Unlike most healthy green vegetables, such as broccoli, which loses its valuable nutrients when boiled for too long, Quinoa maintains its nutrient benefit regardless of how you cook it. Since I’ve heard so many great things about quinoa, I’d like to add it to my regular diet.

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