An Interesting Coincidence

diptyque candle – Noisetier

A couple of months ago, I was at a Nordstrom Private diptyque (fragrance-related products) “Wine and Cheese” promotional event, where the idea was to introduce special customers to stories behind the brand and some of their products. I had a dinner date with a girl friend so I had to leave the event early and didn’t get to buy anything.

Two days later I was back at Nordstrom for a Fall Beauty Trends Show. Richard, the sales person who invited me to the diptyque event, was also at the Beauty Trends Show, and he invited me to stop by his counter at Nordstrom after the show. So I did.

To make a long story short, on a whim I bought a scented diptyque candle – Noisetier (Hazelnut) Candle”. It has a strong woody and fruity scent.

Fast forward two months later to November 2013. There was a big windstorm in the Seattle area and my house lost all electric power. I used my diptyque candle in a way that I hadn’t anticipated. The diptyque Noisetier scented candle really spiced up my living space.

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