Bourbon Steak Restaurant in San Francisco

Recently I was in San Francisco for a wedding and I stayed at the Westin St. Francis Hotel. It’s an old hotel, originally built in the early 1900s and had a different feel from the hotels I frequently visit in Las Vegas and also different from the other Westin hotels I’ve stayed at elsewhere. On one evening, I ate dinner at the Bourbon Steak restaurant in the Westin St. Francis. Bourbon Steak is a Michael Mina restaurant. The restaurant is very woody — meaning somewhat dark and traditional. I really didn’t know exactly what to expect but let me get to the point and say I was very pleased with my dining experience.

Before dinner I had a drink at the small bar in the restaurant. I had a glass of Volver house red wine. It was good but nothing exceptional, but the bartender, Adam, was very personable and made the pre-meal drink very nice. Before being seated in the dining room I ordered the house specialty French fries. There were three types, with three distinct seasonings and three sauces. These French fries were really good.

After I was seated in the dining room, I ordered the pan roasted halibut with crab, almonds, and fennel. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give the meal a solid 8. Because my friends and I had side dishes of mashed potatoes, and Michael Mina’s special black truffle mac & cheese, and sauteed spinach, the meal was more than filling.

Overall, I give Bourbon Steak restaurant by Michael Mina a strong recommendation. The prices are a bit high but I felt the environment, the service, and food were well worth the price.


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