Breakfast at the Tableau Restauarant in Las Vegas

Breakfast at the Tableau Restaurant in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some of the best hotels and restaurants in the world. But I’ve always been sort of surprised that there aren’t too many super nice places to eat breakfast in Las Vegas. Las Vegas isn’t really much of an early-morning city.

There are plenty of places to eat breakfast in Vegas but most of them are either buffets or very casual cafe-style restaurants. Probably my favorite restaurant to eat breakfast at is the Tableau restaurant in the Wynn hotel. Tableau has a great menu, great service, and great ambience.

The menu has the basic breakfast items such as eggs with bacon or sausage, and pancakes. But Tableau also has some special items. I love Tableau’s orange and chocolate French toast. And the special Tableau breakfast potatoes are like little potato pancakes.


Breakfast at Tableau, Las Vegas

The presentation at Tableau is always just right. The jams come in elegant little ceramic containers, and there are cute little salt and pepper dispensers. The service at Tableau is a perfect balance of semi-formal and casual.

If you are a breakfast person, the next time you are in Las Vegas, consider making a reservation at the Tableau restaurant in the Wynn hotel.

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