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5 Things to Try This Month – April 2017

When I think about April, an image of warm and sunny weather immediately comes to my mind. Although I live in Seattle area, where there’s not enough sun for the beginning of Spring, it won’t affect me from participating the things that are happening this month.

Below are my suggestions for what I’d like to try for April.

Made-To-Order Accessories for the New Season

One must-do for each season is to update wardrobe accessories. It’s always fun to have unique shoes and handbags, custom made for you. Try Jimmy Choo’s Make-to-Order shoes and clutches. You get to pick the shoe and clutch design in the color and material you want.

Designer Silhouette for an Affordable Price

One of the fashion news items that appeared repeatedly in the past few weeks is the collaboration of Victoria Beckham and Target on a new Spring collection – Victoria Beckham for Target. It will be available for purchase on April 9. I can’t wait to try out some of the dresses in the collection!

New Lip Balm for Everyday Happiness

In my February’s Valentine’s blog post I mentioned Yves Saint Laurent’s new Volupte Tint-in-balm lipstick. It’s a hybrid lipstick that’s made of lip moisturizing ingredients. It provides sheer glowing colors on the lips. The fun part about the lipstick is its lip-shaped heart in the center. I ordered some from Yvest Saint Laurent’s site with free complimentary engraving. I can’t wait to receive them next week!

Stylish Jacket for Early Spring

Although we are already in Spring, I still feel chilly in the early morning in Seattle. If you live in areas that has a similar climate  as me, you can stay warm with a nice wool-blend jacket. Try something like the Coach’s Wool-blend and Leather jacket.

Coach Wool-blend and Leather Jacket

A Book of Your Choice for Self Improvement

I love to read books, especially when they’re related to biography and business. Recently, while I was going through my bookshelf, I found a book I had since Year 2013. I read a couple of chapters back then, but never finished the entire book. The book is “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. It’s a book about women’s behavior in society and work. And how we can overcome the challenges we are facing in our careers and the work environments. My goal for this month is to finish reading this book!

Lean In Book

5 Things to Try This Month – March 2017

March is the transition month from Winter to Spring. If you haven’t thought about updating your wardrobe with some light hue silhouette and accessories, it’s time to start!

Below are some of my preliminary suggestions for the month of March. I hope they will give you some inspirations for your Spring wardrobe makeover project !

Green Color Nail Design for St. Patrick’s Day

If you like green, March is a great time to get green nails for the St. Patrick’s Day. For my March gel nail design, I have some green stones on my greenish blue sparkling nails. Not only is it a fun alternative to my usual red nail color, it also prevents me from getting pinched if I forgot to wear green on the St. Patrick’s Day!


Pamper Yourself with New Lip Beauty Product

I am a big fan of lip glosses. In March, Dior released its new lipstick beauty product, Dior Addict Lacquer Stick. This has a glossy formula; it’s almost like a lip gloss on a lipstick. I ordered it in a few shades and I can’t wait to try them on when I receive them!

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick

Fun Mini Shoulder Bag

As we are transitioning out of the Winter, it’s always a good idea to add a new handbag in a light color for the Spring season. Try something like the Valentino Garavani Lock Mini crystal-embellished shoulder bag! This is a perfect addition to your outfits on a sunny day as well as for a night out-and-about.

Valentino Garavani Lock Mini Crystal-embellished Shoulder Bag

Sweatshirt for March Madness

Who says March Madness is for basketball fans only? This time of year, some of my friends would be picking their brackets and anticipating the college basketball games. Although I am not a sport fan, I sometimes join my friends for drinks in the bar and watching some of the games. I won’t be wearing any school logo shirts, but I will be wearing my Kenzo cotton sweatshirts!

Kenzo Cotton Sweatshirt

Swap Out Your Wool Accessories with a Silk Scarf for Spring

The first day of Spring is in March. It’s time to switch out your wool scarf with a silk one. I recommend something with flowers in the design to spice up your attire. Try Gucci’s silk scarf below.

Gucci Silk Scarf

The Five Best Holiday Beauty Products for 2016

I love sparkling and shimmering beauty products, especially around the holiday seasons. Many brands offer special editions of makeup, and perfume during this special season, and they’re usually hard for me to resist!

If you are still looking for gift ideas or need some suggestions to expand your beauty collection, below are my top five favorite beauty products for this holiday season.

Burberry – Gold Shimmer Dust

Each year I look for some shimmering powder to add to my holiday collection. When I saw the Burberry’s Gold Shimmer Dust, I knew that’s exactly what I needed for this year. ($29 via Saks Fifth Avenue)

Burberry_Gold Shimmer Dust

Marc Jacobs Beauty – About Last Night Mascara and Eyeliner Collection

This Marc Jacobs’ About Last Night mascara and eyeliner collection is all you need for the evening parties. The O!Mega Lash mascara in this collection helps you to create the volume you desire for your eyelashes. The best part about this collection is the glitters in the Lamé Noir Ultra-Glittering Mascara Top Coat. Layer it on top of the O!Mega Lash will give you the instant holiday ready look.
($36 via Marc Jacobs Beauty)
Marc Jacobs Beauty About Last Night Mascara and Eyeliner

Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Éclat – Strobing Light Highlighter

Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat highlighter is one of my favorite makeup products. I am glad that Yves Saint Laurent is offering the highlighter in gold shimmer version. I like to use it on my cheekbone and Cupid’s bow. I also put it on my eyelids, as the base for applying eyeshadow.

Yves SaintLaurent Touche Eclat

Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Pink Crystal Limited Edition Fragrance

If you are a big fan of Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance, you can’t miss the Flowerbomb Pink Crystal Limited Edition Fragrance. This holiday edition Flowerbomb comes in a sparkling jar with a pink crystallized rose. I think your mood will instantly be uplifted by the very first spray of this flower fragrance!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Pink Crystal Limited Edition Fragrance

Chanel Blush Harmony Palette

If you are traveling for this holiday season and want a multi-functional beauty product, Chanel’s limited edition Blush Harmony Palette will be perfect for you. You can use this palette for highlighting and contouring your face. And use the red-pink shade on the palette as blush.

Chanel Blush Harmony Palette

Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen

What beauty product do you use to highlight your face when you do your make-up?  My recent favorite item for highlighting my face is Burberry’s Beauty Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen.

There’s no shimmering or sparkling ingredient in the Burberry’s Luminous Pen, so it highlights my feature with natural finish look.  I use it on my nose, inner corner of my eyes, and the cupid’s bow.

If you haven’t found your ideal highlighting beauty product, I highly recommend you try Burberry’s Beauty Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen for an instantly glow on your skin!

Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen

Clarisonic Radiance Skin Renewing Peel Wash

What’s your favorite cleanser? When it comes to cleaning my face, I like to use different cleansers based on my daily mood.

One of my facial cleansers includes the  Clarisonic device. I only use it a couple of times a month, even though I should probably use it more often. Recently I bought the Clarisonic’s Radiance Skin Renewing Peel Wash. The Peel Wash is a liquid that you apply to your face and then use the Clarisonic device on the Wash. It’s kind of like using toothpaste and an electric toothbrush, but for your face.

The Wash arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I was too lazy to try it right away. Finally, last Monday I tried the Wash with the Clarisonic device.

I was very impressed with the results! After using the device and rinsing my face, I could see some dead skin, which I removed. Normal facial cleansers don’t have this effect. And, with a fully cleaned skin, my daily facial treatments are more effective, and I use less moisturizer and toner and serum.

The Clarisonic device cost about $149 and the Peel Wash cost about $25. In my mind this is a very good value compared to alternatives.

Chanel PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET Smooth Effect Foundation

What’s your favorite makeup foundation? I’ve tried makeup foundation from different beauty brands, such as Chanel, Dior, Giorgio Armani, and Yves Saint Laurent. But, for a long time, I couldn’t find one that I truly liked. Mostly it was because I don’t like the feeling of having makeup over my face.

Even though many beauty foundations claim to be lightweight and oil free, they still make me feel uncomfortable. All I need is a liquid foundation that provides smooth coverage without feeling the layers of makeup over my face.

Recently, Chanel launched a new foundation, Perfection Lumiere Lumiere Velvet Smooth Effect. This meets all of my needs. It’s a sheer and oil-free fluid foundation, with SPF 15. It provides just enough coverage to make my skin look nice. It’s especially perfect for Spring and Summer.

So, if you need a new foundation that is perfect for the warm seasons, consider trying Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth Effect Foundation.

Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth Effect Foundation via Nordstrom, $45


An Interesting Coincidence

diptyque candle – Noisetier

A couple of months ago, I was at a Nordstrom Private diptyque (fragrance-related products) “Wine and Cheese” promotional event, where the idea was to introduce special customers to stories behind the brand and some of their products. I had a dinner date with a girl friend so I had to leave the event early and didn’t get to buy anything.

Two days later I was back at Nordstrom for a Fall Beauty Trends Show. Richard, the sales person who invited me to the diptyque event, was also at the Beauty Trends Show, and he invited me to stop by his counter at Nordstrom after the show. So I did.

To make a long story short, on a whim I bought a scented diptyque candle – Noisetier (Hazelnut) Candle”. It has a strong woody and fruity scent.

Fast forward two months later to November 2013. There was a big windstorm in the Seattle area and my house lost all electric power. I used my diptyque candle in a way that I hadn’t anticipated. The diptyque Noisetier scented candle really spiced up my living space.

Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Superstition

For the Fall 2013, Chanel launches new makeup collection – Superstition, with khaki tones for eyes, mascara, and nails, and peachy/pink shades for cheeks and lips. The makeup items in this collection allows us to create a soft look in the cold weather and sophisticated look for the upcoming holiday seasons. In my opinion, no color could better illustrate this Fall season than khaki, which is in between the bright shades for Summer and dark tones for Winter.

The Chanel Fall Superstition makeup collection offers many limited edition items, such as Chanel’s famous mascara – Le Volume de Chanel in Khaki Bronze, Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner in Khaki Precieux, Ombres eyeshadow in Mystere, Rouge CoCo Shine lipstick (in four shades), nail polish – Le Vernis in Alchimie, and new cream blush – Le Blush Crème de Chanel in six shades (three of them are not limited edition).

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Khaki Bronze

The color is unique, but it’s not ideal for me. The Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in khaki bronze on my eyelash doesn’t stand out as much because I have dark brown eye color and dark hair. On the other hand, this khaki bronze mascara would work well on people with lighter eye and hair colors.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner in Khaki Precieux

If you want a soft day time look, use this khaki eyeliner in place of black. The shimmer element in the khaki eyeliner is also good for highlighting your eyes for a night out. The khaki eyeliner also goes well with Chanel’s limited edition Mystere eyeshadow pallet.

Ombres Eyeshadow in Mystere

I am a big fan of Chanel makeup, but I was hesitated to get the new Ombres eyeshadow in Mystere when it was first launched. I through it was a bit too dark and would be more suitable for mutual people (such as my mom). After I tried it on, I realized it’s one of the most versatile eyeshadow pallets that Chanel offers.

The Ombres eyeshadow in Mystere consists of three grayish khaki colors (range from light to dark hues) and a light khaki shimmering shade. These four colors can be mixed differently to create fun looks for day and dramatic appearance for night. I had a great time trying out different looks. Below is a couple of the combinations I tried.

Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Mystere Eyeshadow

For Day: I apply #2 (shimmer beige) over the eyelid to crease, then layer #1 (shimmer dark khaki with dark green tone) on eyelid and Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner in Khaki Precieux. This combination brights up my eyes. To complete this look I use Le Volume de Chanel in Prune

For Night: This pallet is great for creating smoky eye effect (which is the beauty trend for Fall 2013). I use #3 (light grayish khaki) over eyelid to crease, use #4 (medium grayish khaki) on the crease, and #1 (shimmer dark khaki with dark green tone) on eyelid and also use it as eyeliner. (Be sure to apply #1 with wet eyeliner brush; this will darken the eyeshadow color and allows it to stay on longer.)  If you blend the colors well on your eyelid and crease, you have a perfect smoky eye. To add some fun to the look I added #2 (shimmer beige) to the inner rim of my eyes.

Rouge Coco Lipstick in Mystique and Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Rendez-vous

No makeup look is completed without a touch of color on the lips. For the Fall makeup collection, Chanel offers two new Rouge Coco lipstick colors in Mystique and Icone, and four limited edition Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks in Instinct, Secret, Rendez-vous, and Esprit. The lipstick hues range from light to dark in pink and peachy shades. My favorites are Rouge Coco in Mystique (peachy color) and Rouge Coco Shine in Rendez-vous. They look fabulous with the Mystere Ombres eyeshadow.

Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Superstition
Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Superstition
Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Superstition
Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Superstition
Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Superstition
Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Superstition

Private diptyque Fragrance Party at Nordstrom

It has been almost a year since I was first introduced to “diptyque” fragrance, the famous high-end French perfume and home fragrance brand, which is now one of my favorites.

Last week I was invited to a private “diptyque” fragrance party at Nordstrom. While I and the other attendees enjoyed wine and the light treats, the “diptyque” representative from France, Gregory, was telling us the history of the company and their products. I learned a lot of interesting things about “diptyque” and how fragrances are made in general.

The “diptyque” brand was established in 1961 by three friends and their first boutique was on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germaine (the address is marked on each of their products), selling fabric designs and home decorations. They launched their first scent candles in 1963 and first perfume in 1968.

The key to the uniqueness of “diptyque” perfume has a lot to do with the experts they work with and the quality of the product ingredients they use. The company works with three of the most talented “noses” in the world to develop the scents for their products. A nose is the individual who blends and develops scents which can be used to create anything from personal perfume to items we use daily (such as soaps and candles). One of the noses “diptyque” works with is Olivia Giacobetti, who created both of my favorite perfume from “diptyque”-Philosykos and Ofresia. After “diptyque” and the nose finalize on a new scent, the nose then work with the production company to create products such as perfume, candles, and body lotions, using only the highest quality ingredients. Each “diptyque” scent is rich and soothing. I really love their scents. They totally brighten up my mood after I put their perfume on.

During the private wine and cheese event for “diptyque” I also learned how they create their candles and the appropriate way of burning the candle to help it last longer. Before you burn a new “diptyque” candle you need to remove it from its package and let it sit out for a few days. The first time you burn the candle you need to burn it for about 2 hours, so the wax will melt evenly.

I have to say Nordstrom did a great job on promoting the “diptyque” line. I am now into their scented candles. I am looking forward to opening a bottle of great wine at home and enjoying the new candle I bought!

diptyque Private Event at Nordstrom

diptyque Private Event at Nordstrom

diptyque Private Event at Nordstrom

Marc Jacobs Beauty Launch Event at Sephora

Today is the official launch date for Marc Jacobs’ new beauty product. I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs’ designs and perfume. And I’ve been waiting to see his new makeup products for months.

Marc Jacobs works exclusively with Sephora to launch his full range of cosmetics. His products include makeup for eyes, lips, and face, as well as brushes and nail polishes.

I was invited to the Marc Jacobs Beauty launch event at Sephora this morning. The goal of the event is to introduce the products to customers and allow us to purchase the products early, because they may sell out quickly when offered to the general public.

Sephora has its trained makeup specialists to demonstrate Marc Jacobs’ makeup products. For demo, they asked for one volunteer so they could put the products on. I figured the best way to really know how good new makeup products are is to try them. So I volunteered.

Marc Jacobs Beauty puts a lot of emphasis on hydrating and skin protection. Most of the products are made with antioxidants, anti-aging ingredients, and vitamins. The makeup specialist put Marc Jacobs’ Genius Gel Super-charged Foundation on my face first. It’s made in a light-weight formula. It felt more like facial moisturizer on my skin than foundation. Then, she applied Remedy Concealer Pen, which is packed with green tea extract and vitamin E, to my eye area and to cover any discoloration on my face.

To finish the makeup on my face, the specialist applied the Perfection Powder and Shameless Bold Blush in Rebellious –bright pink. The blush compliments the natural look that Marc Jacobs cosmetic is designed to achieve very well.

In my opinion, the new makeup line is great. I actually went to work with the new Marc Jacobs beauty products on. My skin felt soft and moisturized throughout the day. Although I had both foundation and powder on, it didn’t feel like I had any at all.

I would also recommend Marc Jacobs’ Lip Lock Moisture Balm, LoveMarc-Lip Gel lipstick, and Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl lip glosses. They all packed with hydrating ingredients to protect your lips. And, both lipstick and lip glosses come in wide range of shades.

If you haven’t tried Marc Jacobs Beauty products, it would be a good to check them out this weekend!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Products
Marc Jacobs Gel & Powder Foundation
Marc Jacobs Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl lip glosses