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5 Things to Try This Month – October 2017

When I think of October, I think about the changing color of the maple leaves and the chilly weather in Seattle.  These are the clear signs of the arrival of Fall. 

Below are five things I’d like to try this month to help me enjoy the Fall season.

Bake for Fall

I love to bake pumpkin loaf in the Fall. I’ve been having my eyes on the Williams Sonoma’s Nordic Ware Fall Loaf Pan, and I finally bought it last week. I plan to use my new Fall loaf pan to bake different kind of cakes this month.
Nordic Ware Fall Loaf Pan

Sea Urchin Feast

Sea urchin (uni) is one of my favorite seafoods. It tastes especially good when it is freshly opened up. On this past Friday, my friend hosted a uni feast party for our October gathering. We paired the uni with sake, and it was perfect. I plan on hosting a uni feast for my family this weekend.

Add Long Earrings to Wardrobe

Swarovski recently came up with new long crystal earrings. This is the exact earrings I’ve been looking for. This will come handy when I dine out with my friends during the upcoming Seattle restraurant week.
Swarovski Fit Long Pierced Earrings

Attending Private Fall Shopping Party

Nordstrom is hosting a private Fall shopping party this month in its local stores. I will be joining my friend for one of these private shopping events at the Nordstrom in Seattle area this Sunday. And we plan to get together for drinks before the event starts.  We are very excited to check out the shopping party!

Experiment with Skin Care Products

My skin tends to get dry in Fall and Winter. To help myself get through this season, I plan to experienment with different kinds of body lotion and ointments to keep my skin moisturized throughout the season.
Cerave Moisturizing Cream

5 Things to Try This Month – September 2017

September is the beginning of the Fall season. Luckily, there are still a few sunny days left before the chilly weather kicks in. Below are five things that I am trying for September.

New Liquid Lip Colors

Rouge Dior Liquid Lip Stain is one of the latest beauty products Dior has launched recently. For someone like me, who loves lip color products from Chanel, Dior,and YSL, it’s hard to resist the temptation of getting my hands on the new Rouge Dior Liquid Lip Stain. Out of the 27 new Rouge Dior Liquid Lip Stain shades, I bought Impulsive Matte, Spicy Metal, Impetuous Satin, and Rock’n’Metal. I guess these should be plenty for me to use in September.

Black Truffle

My friends and I plan a trip to Las Vegas in the beginning of September. One of our favorite restaurants in Las Vegas is “Sinatra” at the Encore Resort. It’s part of our tradition to try their pasta dish with black or white truffles at the Sinatra restaurant. And I expect our upcoming experience will be as great as always.

Making Paella

While I visited Spain in the past January, I really enjoyed eating paella at different local restaurants. I haven’t found many restaurants in Seattle that offer great paella. My goal for this month is to try to make paella. I just bought a paella pan and I am looking forward to trying it.

Embroidered Hat

Embroidered hats have been very popular in the summer. If you haven’t tried one, it’s not too late to do that for September. Usually, it’s hard for me to find a hat that fits me perfectly, but I found one for my September trip to Las Vegas. Embroidered Beach Hat

Bookstore for Fun

Amazon just opened another brick-and-mortar bookstore in Bellevue, Washington. I had the chance to visit it a few weeks ago. I found a new book that I’d like to read for September. The book is “Thinking Fast and Slow”. It’s a book about behavioral sciences and explains the systems that define how we think and respond at every moment of our daily life. I can’t wait to read the book and find out more about the topics.
Think Fast and Slow Book

Dior Aviator Style Sunglasses

I was in Las Vegas in July. It was very hot and sunny! I brought a pair of sunglasses with me for the trip, but for some reason I felt I needed a new pair for the hot weather.


For me, buying a pair of sunglasses is not easy. No matter what a pair looks like “on the rack”, you can never tell what they’ll look like when they’re on your face until you actually try them on.

I was staying at the Bellagio Hotel, one of my favorite properties in Las Vegas. One afternoon, after Happy Hour at Olives restaurant (where I had a martini), I walked across the promenade hallway to the Dior boutique.

Now, even though aviator style glasses had never really looked good on me, but I had my eyes on Dior Summer 2016 sunglasses that were called Dior Split Sunglasses, where the top and bottom of the lenses are mirrored (but with UV protection) and the center width was tinted.

The Dior Split sunglasses comes in several color (i.e. rose gold toned frame with pink mirrored lenses, gold toned frame with silver lenses, silver toned frame with blue mirrored lenses).  I tried all of them on and, miraculously, the design fitted my face and looked good!

While I was trying on the sunglasses, I was wearing a See by Chloe Sleeveless Drop Waist Dress in black and Roger Vivier Ballerine Chips Stripes Flats in pink/purple with crystals.  And both the dress and the flats match perfectly with the Dior Split sunglasses in rose gold toned frame with pink mirrored lenses.

See by Chloe Sleeveless Drop Waist Dress

So I bought them, and now they’re one of my favorite pair of sunglasses for the summer season!

Christian Dior Split Aviator Sunglasses, $555 via

A Perfectly Fitted Gucci Pair of Sunglasses is more Personal than I Thought

Do you have a sunglasses fetish? I can’t entirely claim that I do, but throughout the past years I’ve collect a handful of nice sunglasses I use on sunny days.

Finding a perfectly fitted pair of sunglasses for me is never easy. I could browse through stores an entire day and still can’t find one I really like. Last year, in Las Vegas, I found one that I wanted in the Gucci boutique. This pair of Gucci sunglasses was my immediate pick after I tried on a couple in the Gucci store. Not only because it looked good on me, I was also fond of its styling with a small Gucci logo and ribbon on the frame.

Gucci Sunglasses

Another reason I like this pair of Gucci sunglasses is because it’s really light. I brought it to my four Las Vegas trips this year!

For my recent trip to the sunny California, I brought this favorite pair of Gucci sunglasses with me. While I was at the mall with my family, we visited the Barnes & Noble bookstore. I walked into the store wearing my Gucci sunglasses, but somehow lost it before I walked out of the store.

I must dropped it somewhere between the café and kid’s books section inside of the bookstore. After searching the store multiple times and finding nothing, I went to check with the front desk.

The girl who was working at the front desk asked me to describe the sunglasses. As soon as I mentioned “Gucci”, she said, “Oh, probably no one will turn it in”. My heart dropped, because she’s probably right. I’d never see that particular pair of sunglasses of mine ever again. I left my contact information with them and called them today. But there’s still no sign of my sunglasses.

My four-year old niece always looks at things in bright ways. After we walked out of the bookstore, she cheerfully said, “Let’s go buy a new pair”! Hours later I found a new pair of Dior’s special edition sunglasses with Swarovski crystals on the temples (Dior Mystere Sunglasses) at the Dior boutique at the South Coast Plaza mall.

Normally buying a new accessory, especially when it’s labeled as “special edition”, would make me feel very good, but somehow I don’t feel as excited as I could have been. Part of me feels bad that I lost something I still really like. (If only I was paying more attention while I was in the bookstore!)

Now I can image how Carrie Bradshaw (a character in the “Sex and City” show) felt when she lost her brand new Manolo Blahnik shoes at a friend’s baby shower! At least I had my Gucci sunglasses for 8 months. Carrie had to borrow other people’s shoes in order to walk home, but I have my new Dior to accompany me home!

Dior Mystere Special Edition Sunglasses w. Crystals

Salvatore Ferragamo Handbags in Turquoise

Salvatore Ferragamo recently launched its handbags, wallets, and accessories in a new hue, turquoise (sky-blue). When I first saw Ferragamo handbags in turquoise it instantly reminded me of the Tiffany & Co. signature color. It’s an eye-catching hue, but I couldn’t image who would want to buy a “Tiffany branded bag” and carry it around. It’s like promoting the Tiffany brand with no commission!

After I saw the Fancy Leather Mini Shoulder Bag in turquoise, I have to admit I really like the color. The mini shoulder bag comes with a long silver chain and it looks the best in this light color versus in black (too plain) or red (nice but not as unique as turquoise). This bag can be used for both day (as a cross-body bag) and night (as a clutch with a short strap). The turquoise hue is also available in Ferragamo’s popular Gancini Icona Saffiano wallet, Afel Leather Envelope Clutch, and Sookie leather satchels. (See the pictures below.)

After seeing so many handbags and accessories in dark shades for the fall, it’s very refreshing to see something light for a change. The handbags and accessories Ferragamo launched in this new shade are proving to be very popular. The saleswomen in the local store told me that the items were sold immediately after they arrived. If you are interested in trying the Ferragamo handbags or wallets in the fabulous turquoise color, better get them soon before they run out for this holiday season!

FerragamoIn Handbags and Wallet in Turquoise
Ferragamo Handbags and Wallet in Turquoise

Ferragamo Gancini Icona Saffiano Calfskin Wallet (For more available colors, see the Ten Best Wallets for Fall post.)

Buy Ferragamo Gancini Icona Saffiano Calfskin Wallet from Nordstrom

Ferragamo Gancini Zip Around Wallet

Buy Ferragamo Gancini Icona Saffiano Calfskin Wallet from Nordstrom

Ferragamo Afel Leather Envelope Clutch

Buy Ferragamo Afel Leather Envelope Clutch from Nordstrom

Ferragamo Fancy Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Buy Ferragamo Fancy Mini Leather Shoulder Bag from NordstromFerragamo Sookie Small Leather Satchel


Buy Ferragamo Sookie Small Leather Satchel from Nordstro

Ferragamo Sookie Medium Leather Satchel

Buy Ferragamo Sookie Medium Leather Satchel from Nordstrom

The Ten Best Wallets for Fall

There are many gorgeous wallets available for this fall. Here are my top ten picks, listed in no particular order.

Alexander McQueen Skull-Detailed Fold Wallet – This is a classic wallet with the iconic Swarovski® crystal-encrusted skull and logo embossing inside. In my opinion, this goes well with any outfits.

Buy Alexander McQueen Wallet from Neiman Marcus

Balenciage Classic Continental Zip Wallet – It comes in various colors, such as gray, pink, and black, so you can match it with any bag, But I like the yellow one the best. It reminds me of the LV Monogram Venis Zippy Wallet in yellow (launched in early spring), which is one of my all time favorites.

Buy Balenciage Classic Continental Zip Wallet from Neiman Marcus

Gucci Burnt Orange Shiny GG Leather Horsebit Chain Wallet – The shiny GG leather wallet comes with iconic gold horsebit hardware and a short chain strap that makes it a versatile and elegant accessory.

Buy Gucci Burnt Orange Shiny GG Leather Horsebit Chain Wallet from

Gucci GG Pierce Flap French Wallet – I love the champagne leather trim and the dangling goldtone GG logo charm. The wallet size is perfect to fit into any size of handbag.

Buy the Gucci wallet from Neiman Marcus

Juicy Couture Upscale Quilted Zip Wallet – A fun design with diamond quilting and resplendent logo plaque. It’s ideal for younger women.

Buy Juicy Couture Wallet from Nordstrom

Louis Vuitton French Purse – I love LV’s French Purse. I have it in several colors. The great thing about this is that it will never go out of style.

Buy LV French Purse from LV Site

Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet – LV’s zippy wallet is my current favorite. It’s very roomy; eight credit card holders and extra compartments.

Buy LV Zippy Wallet from LV Site

Prada Leather Wallet on a Chain – This chic wallet with a removable laced-chain can be used for both day (as a wallet in handbag) and night (as a clutch). Also in light pink.

Buy Prada Wallet from Neiman Marcus

Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Icona Continental Wallet – I like this fold-over wallet with a chic logo flip-lock closure. It’s easy to open and comes in red, black, and turquoise (read more). The design is classic and elegant.

Buy Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Icona Continental Wallet Or

Salvatore Ferragamo Icona French Wallet – This is a smaller version of Ferragomo’s Gancini Icona Continental wallet. If you are looking for a compact wallet that fits in a smaller bag with only essential things, this would be the one. It’s available in dark orange, black, and silver.

Buy Salvatore Ferragamo Icona French Wallet