Diorsnow BB Eye Cream SPF 20 by Dior

Diorsnow BB Eye Cream SPF 20 by Dior

If you are into makeup and skin care products you have probably already heard about “BB cream” (short for “beauty or blemish cream”). BB cream is designed with multiple benefits in one tinted moisturizer. These benefits include hydrating and protecting your skin from sun damage (with SPF), and providing an evening-out complexion.

BB cream was recently introduced to U.S. from the Asian market. It has become so popular that many companies are launching their version of the BB cream.

Dior has launched Diorsnow BB Eye Cream with SPF 20. This BB eye cream is designed to protect your eye area from sun damage. It is also a treatment for brightening and moisturizing your eyes.

I bought the Diorsnow BB Eye Cream a few weeks ago. After I put on my regular eye cream in the morning I dabbed on the BB eye cream. I could see my eyes light up instantly. It works kind of like a concealer; it covers any discoloration under the eyes. And it has a light-weight formula; it makes your skin feel very smooth.

I think it’s very important to keep your eye area hydrated and protected during the day. No matter how great your skin looks, if you don’t take good care of the area around your eyes, that area will be the first to give away your age. Or even worse, you might look older than you actually are. I really like Diorsnow BB Eye Cream with SPF 20 and I encourage you to try it soon!

(Retail price:$49. Via Nordstrom)

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