Ready for Fall and Winter Fashion

The change in fashion inventory is always a step ahead of the transition between seasons. We are only half way into summer, but the retail stores already start to sale the pre-fall clothes and accessories while the magazine publishers roll out the fall fashion ideas in their upcoming issues. Even though the weather is still too warm for me to think about long sleeve sweaters and jackets, the pictures illustrated in the magazines already got me to image the chilling feelings of the fall and winter-which I love very much! I love fall and winter because I can sleep better in the night when I curl up in my bed and bury myself in my comforter. I like the cold weather because I can bundle up in all my favorite cashmere sweaters, wool coats, scarves, and boots while I am out and about.

I enjoy the sunny and warm weather, but I am also looking forward to the next season. Thanks to the retail stores and fashion magazines, I am ready for a cup of peppermint hot cocoa anytime soon!

Here are what I am interested in getting for fall.

Fry Melissa Logo Boots – available on

Burberry Giant Check Fringed Cashmere Muffler – available on