I am always interested in clothes and accessories. And I am especially obsessed with handbags. I have quite a collection over the years and love to use different ones to match with my outfit. Recently I realized that handbags are more personal than most people think. Many think that a handbag only serves functional purposes; to carry personal items around when you are out and about. But I think bags are not just simple accessories that make things easier to carry; they are part of the outfits that express the personality and style of its owners.

When it comes to purchasing a new bag, some considerations are needed. There are so many lines (designers vs. non-designers brands) of handbags in various sizes (ex. satchels vs. clutches) and materials (ex. leather vs. suede). In fact, the differences can go on and on, but you got the idea here. Shoppers should consider what bags fit with their personality and fashion style (haute, elegant, dramatic, classic, casual, or combination). They shouldn’t blindly follow particular brands or the seasonal trend just to get something that is popular. Handbags are part of the accessories that matches you and blends into your outfits to help you stand out in the crowd. Don’t let yourself become the accessory of the handbags and faint in the background! Remember you are the one who wears the bag, not the other way around.