Lafayette 148 New York Spring 2013 Collection

Lafayette 148 New York is a company with an unusual name (which is based on their Manhattan, NY street address) that advertises that they design clothes for “the modern woman and her multi-faceted lifestyle”. I’ve seen Lafayette 148 NY items in many department stores, but never really paid too much attention to the brand. I went to one of their Spring 2013 collection events yesterday and got the chance to try on some of their clothes.

Lafayette 148 NY collection reminds me quite a bit of Ann Taylor. I think the main difference between the two designers is that Lafayette 148 NY is somewhat more upscale in my opinion.

Lafayette 148 NY’s Spring 2013 collection offers clothes in linens, cottons, and silk in neutral colors. It also incorporates many essential trends for this season, such as print (animal and floral), leather jackets, and black/white graphics. One of the most noteworthy items I saw was the Kendra Exotic-Print Blouse. It combines both animal and floral print on a loose fit lightweight silk. It looked really nice on the hanger, but I was a bit disappointed with how it looked on me. The uniqueness of the two prints on the blouse seemed to overwhelm me visually. However, I really like its short sleeves with drawstrings on the front. It’s a minor detail, but makes the design unique. I’d love it if they had the same blouse in solid orange or white.

I also tried on some other pieces including the Galia Print Top, with a nice multi-color graphic; the Lambskin Tunic, a simple sleeveless leather item that goes well with any color of pants or skirts.

My overall impression of the Lafayette 148 NY collection is difficult to describe. They do offer some very nice items, especially for women who are a bit older than me and prefer slighty more conservative attire, but Lafayette 148 NY wouldn’t be my top choice for most of my fashion needs. That said, I recommend you check out their collections to make your own decisions.



Kendra Exotic-Print Blouse (left) $498

Galia Print Top (right) $498


Lambskin Tunic (left) $998

Tissue Weight Lambskin Top (right) $598

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