Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Handbags

I watched Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 runway show a few days ago. I was very excited to see what LV offers for the upcoming spring and summer 2013. Damier (LV’s classic check print) was definitely the main theme of the show; you can see it on the handbags, clothes and even on the runway stage. I am sure any Damier lovers would love this collection very much.

A few minutes into the show I was a bit disappointed. I saw too much of Damier and wanted to see something else in the rest of the show. I do like Damier and have them in both Damier Azur Canvas and Ebene Canvas, but I was hoping this collection to be as sophisticated as the Cub from Louis Vuitton Spring 2011, or Kalahari from Louis Vuitton Spring 2009. Those collections definitely offered eye-catching handbags that I always love! Also, the color and shapes of some Spring 2013 bags reminds me of Spring 2012 bags. I wish there were more differences between them.

However, as I continued to watch the rest of Spring 2013 show I saw many nice handbags that I would love to have (see below images from Purseblog.com). Now, I am looking forward to see what will be available from the runway show next March.

LV Spring 2013 Handbags from Purseblog.com