Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Louis Vuitton Alma BB

If you are a fan of Louis Vuitton bags, you have probably noticed that the company has been promoting several of their iconic bag styles in smaller versions. A good example would be the Louis Vuitton Alma BB, the mini version of its classic Alma bag.

Louis Vuitton Alma now comes in three sizes: GM (large), PM (medium), and BB (small). Alma GM is ideal for taller women or those who are dressed in professional and business attires. Alma PM is a bit smaller than GM, and it’s good for women of any height. The PM is a bit easier to match with outfits than the GM. And Alma BB, which is in the recent spotlights, is a mini bag that comes with a detachable strap. The BB is perfect for petite women and also works well for anyone in an evening-wear environment.

Once you see the Alma BB, I think you’ll find it adorable. The Alma BB is available in several lines, such as Monogram Vernis, Epi, ostrich leather, and alligator leather. I like it in Rose Velours, one of the three new Monogram Vernis colors launched recently. This color reminds me of a lighter rose color that debuted in early 2010. That was one of my all-time favorite colors.

Alma BB is a perfect day-to-night bag. If you want to get something that stands out, nothing can be better than getting Alma BB in lighter Monogram Vernis. If you want the bag for a night out, you can consider getting it in darker hues, such as Amarante in Monogram Vernis or Black in Epi.

Click here to see the Alma BB in the latest Vernis color, Rose Angelique.

Louis Vuitton Alma BB in new Monogram Venis colors
Louis Vuitton Alma BB in new Monogram Venis colors. Rose Velours (left) and Indian Rose (right).

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