Marc Jacobs Beauty Launch Event at Sephora

Today is the official launch date for Marc Jacobs’ new beauty product. I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs’ designs and perfume. And I’ve been waiting to see his new makeup products for months.

Marc Jacobs works exclusively with Sephora to launch his full range of cosmetics. His products include makeup for eyes, lips, and face, as well as brushes and nail polishes.

I was invited to the Marc Jacobs Beauty launch event at Sephora this morning. The goal of the event is to introduce the products to customers and allow us to purchase the products early, because they may sell out quickly when offered to the general public.

Sephora has its trained makeup specialists to demonstrate Marc Jacobs’ makeup products. For demo, they asked for one volunteer so they could put the products on. I figured the best way to really know how good new makeup products are is to try them. So I volunteered.

Marc Jacobs Beauty puts a lot of emphasis on hydrating and skin protection. Most of the products are made with antioxidants, anti-aging ingredients, and vitamins. The makeup specialist put Marc Jacobs’ Genius Gel Super-charged Foundation on my face first. It’s made in a light-weight formula. It felt more like facial moisturizer on my skin than foundation. Then, she applied Remedy Concealer Pen, which is packed with green tea extract and vitamin E, to my eye area and to cover any discoloration on my face.

To finish the makeup on my face, the specialist applied the Perfection Powder and Shameless Bold Blush in Rebellious –bright pink. The blush compliments the natural look that Marc Jacobs cosmetic is designed to achieve very well.

In my opinion, the new makeup line is great. I actually went to work with the new Marc Jacobs beauty products on. My skin felt soft and moisturized throughout the day. Although I had both foundation and powder on, it didn’t feel like I had any at all.

I would also recommend Marc Jacobs’ Lip Lock Moisture Balm, LoveMarc-Lip Gel lipstick, and Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl lip glosses. They all packed with hydrating ingredients to protect your lips. And, both lipstick and lip glosses come in wide range of shades.

If you haven’t tried Marc Jacobs Beauty products, it would be a good to check them out this weekend!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Products
Marc Jacobs Gel & Powder Foundation
Marc Jacobs Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl lip glosses

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