My Winter Outfit for Whistler, Canada

I decided to take an unplanned trip from Seattle (where I live) to Whistler, Canada. Whistler is an upscale ski resort located about a four-hour drive due north of Seattle. Just before Thanksgiving, one of my girlfriends and I had dinner together. On the spur of the moment, I asked her what she was doing on the weekend following Thanksgiving. She said she had no plans so we decided to go to Whistler, in part because my friend had never been there before.

We drove from Seattle to Whistler on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. After we got into Canada, we stopped for a late lunch in Vancouver, Canada (just above the Washington-Canada border). After lunch, we decided that rather than spend the day in Vancouver, which although is a very nice city, is one we’ve both been to many times, we’d continue on to Whistler.

We arrived in Whistler about 8:00 in the evening. Expecting this scenario, I had made a hotel reservation at the Fairmont. We checked in and then ate dinner at the very fancy Bearfoot Bistro restaurant in the Whistler Villager.

Fast forward to Sunday at Whistler. I hadn’t planned on any activities in particular. But my friend and I decided to take the peak-to-peak gondola ride from Whistler to the neighboring Blackcomb ski resort area. For the trip I wore True Religion skinny jeans with crystal accents, a J.Crew pink cashmere sweater, a pair of UGG short boots, a knitted hat and a pair of Lululemon gloves that I bought in Whistler, and an Eddie Bauer jacket.

I brought my latest Lois Vuitton Alma red bag with me, mostly because I had already checked out from the hotel and didn’t want to leave it at the Bell Desk. That was not necessarily a great idea, but it turned out well because I was able to store all my accessories when they weren’t needed.


Even though I hadn’t planned much, I was very happy with the way everything turned out!


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