Cashmere Polka Dot Sweaters

I love to wear cashmere sweaters in fall and winter. The cashmere is so soft and keeps me warm in the cold weather. I also like clothes with polka dots. For this fall, J.Crew rolls out polka-dot sweaters in cashmere, which is a perfect combination for me. The sweater is available in five colors, see J.Crew cashmere polka-dot sweater for details. My favorites colors are dusk black and cabernet fuchsia.

Dusk black-wear with jeans or black slacks. I will pair it with Valentino’s Extreme Printed Patent Pumps. See my post-“Cap-Toe Pumps for Fall”.

J.Crew Collection cashmere polka-dot sweater-DuskBlack

Valentino's Extreme Printed Patent Pumps

Cabernet fuchsia-it’s a fun color combination for fall. Goes well with light color jeans or gray ankle pants.

J.Crew Collection cashmere polka-dot sweater-CabernetFushsia

Classiques Entier Molton Weave Ankle Pants

Wool Speedy “Kaki” (Khaki)-Continue

In my previous post I described the design and the materials of the “Wool Speedy Kaki”. Here is an additional thought.

The bag has a leather luggage tag attaches to a skinny belt that wraps around the top handle. And here is where I learned something new when the store manager showed me the “Wool Speedy Kaki” bag he reserved for me. The luggage tab and its skinny belt came in separately in one clear bag inside of the “Wool Speedy Kaki”. I watched him put the pieces together and learned the differences between the traditional versus Marc Jacobs’ way on how the luggage tag showcased on the bag. The traditional way is to hide the buckle of the belt inward (facing down); as a result, the luggage tab flaps up slightly. However, on Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection fashion show, Marc Jacobs put the buckles on the show pieces outward (facing up), which keeps the luggage tab close to the body of the bag. After seeing the differences it makes on my “kaki” bag, I like Marc Jacobs’ way much better for two reasons: First, I like the luggage tab to be placed close to the body of the bag, and second, I like the buckle facing out with the luggage tab, which adds “flavor” to the accessory itself. As always, thanks to the manager of the store, I learned another new thing about the LV bags!

Buckle with the Luggage Tag

Wool Speedy “Kaki” (Khaki)

After I posted my last blog regarding the new Speedy bag (from Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection) I purchased recently, some friends want to know more about it.

Well, the full name of this Speedy bag is “Wool Speedy Kaki”. (“Kaki” is in French, as “khaki” in English.) It’s the same size as the “Speedy 30”-one of the iconic LV handbags. However, unlike the traditional “Speedy” bags, the design and materials on the limited-edition “Wool Speedy Kaki” are very unique. It’s designed to be a structured bag and doesn’t slouch like tradition “Speedy” bags. The “Wool Speedy” is made of leather and felted wool embroidered with colorful sequins (whereas the traditional “Speedy” is made of leather and canvas). The top (include the handles) and the bottom of the bag are in brown leather, which keeps the bag in shape. On the bottom there are four round studs that support the bag and to protect the leather from rubbing against anything the bag is being put on. The felted wool is in light khaki color and embroidered with luminous sequins (all hand-sewed) in green and light green. The perceived sequin color varies depend on the light in the surrounding and the angle the bag is held. The color contrast between the wool and the sequins on this “kaki” bag really makes the monogram stands out, versus the “Wool Speedy” in other two colors (burgundy and mustard). See below for an example of the felted wool with the sequins on the bag.

Felted Wool Embroidered with Luminous Sequins

New Speedy For Fall 2012

Over the weekend I bought a new bag, Speedy in khaki, part of Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2012-2013 runway collection. The store I purchased it from is only scheduled to receive one of this limited-edition Speedy bag in khaki, and luckily, I was able to get it. I am so excited that I can add it to my personal collection. I can’t wait to use it soon!

Cap-Toe Pumps for Fall

I have a few pairs of pointy cap-toe pumps I bought more than a year ago in black and red. I wore with dress pants for business professional look, and wore with designer jeans for more casual attire. Although the materials of pointy pumps and its cap-toe are different (usually in patent leather contrasts with quilted leather), they are in same color and are less noticeable from a distance. Thanks to Marc Jacobs’ “Merry-Go-Round” pointy cap-toe pumps from Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2012 collection, I was surprised how these pumps, when designed in contrast colors, can stand out versus in monotone. The design of “Merry-Go-Round” is so unique and classic. It was featured in many magazines and wore by many celebrities.

Although the “Merry-Go-Round” pointy cap-toe pumps are eye-catching, they are designed for spring and summer (most in pastel colors-white, pink, and baby blue); wouldn’t go well with fall fashion! I am glad that many designers are making their pointy cap-toe pumps for fall in dark colors and various materials, such as patent leather, suede, flannel, and metallic leather. The designers include Biuseppe Zanotti , Donald J Piner, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and Manolog Blahnik. Manolog Blahnik also offers cap-toe pumps in mary jane, Camparicap, and t-strap/double ankle strap, Mallinspec. My picks among these fabulous cap-toe pumps are Valentino’s Extreme Printed Patent Pumps and Manolog Blahnik’s Camparicap Mary Jane. See below.

Valentino’s Extreme Printed Patent Pumps-sleek and stylish, goes well with pencil skirts and even designer jeans.

Valentino's Extreme Printed Patent Pumps

Manolog Blahnik’s Camparicap Mary Jane-classic and yet trendy, goes well with dresses and skirts.

Manolo Blahnik Camparicap Mary Jane

Ready for Fall and Winter Fashion

The change in fashion inventory is always a step ahead of the transition between seasons. We are only half way into summer, but the retail stores already start to sale the pre-fall clothes and accessories while the magazine publishers roll out the fall fashion ideas in their upcoming issues. Even though the weather is still too warm for me to think about long sleeve sweaters and jackets, the pictures illustrated in the magazines already got me to image the chilling feelings of the fall and winter-which I love very much! I love fall and winter because I can sleep better in the night when I curl up in my bed and bury myself in my comforter. I like the cold weather because I can bundle up in all my favorite cashmere sweaters, wool coats, scarves, and boots while I am out and about.

I enjoy the sunny and warm weather, but I am also looking forward to the next season. Thanks to the retail stores and fashion magazines, I am ready for a cup of peppermint hot cocoa anytime soon!

Here are what I am interested in getting for fall.

Fry Melissa Logo Boots – available on

Burberry Giant Check Fringed Cashmere Muffler – available on



I am always interested in clothes and accessories. And I am especially obsessed with handbags. I have quite a collection over the years and love to use different ones to match with my outfit. Recently I realized that handbags are more personal than most people think. Many think that a handbag only serves functional purposes; to carry personal items around when you are out and about. But I think bags are not just simple accessories that make things easier to carry; they are part of the outfits that express the personality and style of its owners.

When it comes to purchasing a new bag, some considerations are needed. There are so many lines (designers vs. non-designers brands) of handbags in various sizes (ex. satchels vs. clutches) and materials (ex. leather vs. suede). In fact, the differences can go on and on, but you got the idea here. Shoppers should consider what bags fit with their personality and fashion style (haute, elegant, dramatic, classic, casual, or combination). They shouldn’t blindly follow particular brands or the seasonal trend just to get something that is popular. Handbags are part of the accessories that matches you and blends into your outfits to help you stand out in the crowd. Don’t let yourself become the accessory of the handbags and faint in the background! Remember you are the one who wears the bag, not the other way around.


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