Pool Cabanas at the Aria Hotel

A few weeks ago I stayed at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. It was the middle of summer time and the weather was hot. Very hot — about 95 degrees F. I decided I’d rent a poolside cabana for the day.


A Cabana at the Aria Hotel

I know it sounds kind of snobbish, but when I go to a pool at a Las Vegas hotel, I really don’t enjoy having to compete with other hotel guests for lounge chairs, towels, and good positions (meaning not too sunny or not too shady). Renting a pool cabana eases those minor annoyances.


View of Pool from Cabana

The price of Vegas pool cabanas varies daily, according to supply and demand. My cabana at the Aria was $200 for the day. That’s quite a bit of money, but, for me at least, it was a good value. I checked in at the cabana reception at 10:00 in the morning. My attendant, Sarah, had just graduated from Boise State.

The cabana had a TV, a refrigerator stocked with fruit, vegetables, soda pop, and bottled water, and chips, and licorice on the table — all included in the price of the cabana. I had a wonderful relaxing day at the Aria pool. The next time you visit Las Vegas, you might want to consider renting a poolside cabana.

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