Private diptyque Fragrance Party at Nordstrom

It has been almost a year since I was first introduced to “diptyque” fragrance, the famous high-end French perfume and home fragrance brand, which is now one of my favorites.

Last week I was invited to a private “diptyque” fragrance party at Nordstrom. While I and the other attendees enjoyed wine and the light treats, the “diptyque” representative from France, Gregory, was telling us the history of the company and their products. I learned a lot of interesting things about “diptyque” and how fragrances are made in general.

The “diptyque” brand was established in 1961 by three friends and their first boutique was on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germaine (the address is marked on each of their products), selling fabric designs and home decorations. They launched their first scent candles in 1963 and first perfume in 1968.

The key to the uniqueness of “diptyque” perfume has a lot to do with the experts they work with and the quality of the product ingredients they use. The company works with three of the most talented “noses” in the world to develop the scents for their products. A nose is the individual who blends and develops scents which can be used to create anything from personal perfume to items we use daily (such as soaps and candles). One of the noses “diptyque” works with is Olivia Giacobetti, who created both of my favorite perfume from “diptyque”-Philosykos and Ofresia. After “diptyque” and the nose finalize on a new scent, the nose then work with the production company to create products such as perfume, candles, and body lotions, using only the highest quality ingredients. Each “diptyque” scent is rich and soothing. I really love their scents. They totally brighten up my mood after I put their perfume on.

During the private wine and cheese event for “diptyque” I also learned how they create their candles and the appropriate way of burning the candle to help it last longer. Before you burn a new “diptyque” candle you need to remove it from its package and let it sit out for a few days. The first time you burn the candle you need to burn it for about 2 hours, so the wax will melt evenly.

I have to say Nordstrom did a great job on promoting the “diptyque” line. I am now into their scented candles. I am looking forward to opening a bottle of great wine at home and enjoying the new candle I bought!

diptyque Private Event at Nordstrom

diptyque Private Event at Nordstrom

diptyque Private Event at Nordstrom

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