Sinatra at Encore in Las Vegas

Out of my list for top ten restaurants in Las Vegas, Sinatra at Encore property is the BEST. I am a fan of Frank Sinatra music. I love the decoration and Sinatra’s music they play in the restaurant, not to mention the delicious Italian food, cocktail drinks, and great services they have.

For starter, I recommend Polpettina (housemade meatball and polenta fries). For entrée, I recommend Lasagna Bolognese (fresh pasta layered with veal, pork and beef). It’s served in a little hot metal pan. I always wondered how they keep the handle so cool while the pan itself was hot. I finally asked them on my most recent visit. It turned out that the lasagna is baked in the little pan in the oven and they cooled the handle with ice before they serve the dish. If you like rib eye, try Tagliata (bone-in rib eye grilled with cherry tomatoes, capers, and basil). I am usually a filet mignon person, but the Tagliata I had in Sinatra last time was so juicy and tender; I really like it.

If you drink cocktails, try Sinatra Smash; it’s mixed of whiskey and blackberries. It’s fruity and refreshing. If you have room for dessert, try the tiramisu. The tiramisu is made of mascarpone cream and espresso soaked ladyfinger biscuits, served in a martini glass. The texture is so smooth; it melts in the mouth with every bite.

I’ve been going to Sinatra every year since they opened (near the end of year 2007). I love the restaurant so much because of their food and the atmosphere. Frank Sinatra played an important part in the history of fabulous Vegas. What can be more classic than a restaurant tribute to his music and achievements!

Sina at Wynn, Las Vegas
Sinatra interior with special chandelier
Sinatra at Wynn, Las Vegas
Polpettina-house made meatball and polenta fries
Sinatra at Wynn, Las Vegas
Lasagna Bolognese-fresh pasta layered with veal, pork and beef
Sinatra at Wynn, Las Vegas
Agnello-lamb chops, goat cheese mashed potato, fagiolini
Sinatra at Wynn, Las Vegas
Tiramisu-mascarpone cream and espresso soaked ladyfinger biscuits