SJP Shoes and Handbags by Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP Shoes and Handbags by Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP Shoes and Handbags by Sarah Jessica Parker

One of the latest news items in the fashion accessory world is the upcoming debut of the new SJP, by Sarah Jessica Parker (the famous “Sex and The City” actress). Her success in starring as the fashionable shoe-loving character Carrie Bradshaw in the show brought many high-end accessories to the spotlight, including Manolo Blahnik.

SJP is the new shoe and handbag line Sarah Jessica Parker designed by partnering up with George Mulkemus, the Manolo Blanik’s president. The line will launch exclusively with Nordstrom on Feb. 28, 2014.

I was not surprised when I heard about this news. Sarah Jessica Parker has been one of the icons in the fashion world over the past fifteen years. I have always admired the bags she used when she was spotted in fashion magazines while she was photographed while running her errands. And I like her effortless fashionable style. I can’t think of anyone else better suited than SJP to launch a new accessory line.

The shoes from SJP look simple and yet elegant. They actually remind me of Manolo Blanik shoes. However, I think the SJP prices, a new line launched by a celebrity instead of an existing famous shoe designer, are a bit high.

For example, a pair of Manolo’s iconic BB cost about $595, whereas a pair of SJPs is around $350. My initial hunch for the price of a pair of SJPs was around $250, since it’s a new “non-designer” line.

I hope the SJP shoes will live up to my expectations as a made-in- Italy celebrity line. Based on the pictures, they look very classic and are available in several unique colors. If that’s the case, when the SJP line launches on February 28, I will definitely give the line a serious look. I am betting on the fact that someone who wears designer shoes, like Sarah Jessica Parker, will make high quality products that resemble some of the uniquene features of the designer lines.

SJP Accessories by Sarah Jessica Parker

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