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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

No Spring wardrobe is complete without the traditional pastel hues and brightly colored accessories. But for the Spring 2017, there are some other unique fashion trends that stand out.

Below are some of my suggestions for you to consider when you update your Spring collection this season.

Clashes of Patterns for Boldness

For Spring 2017, we’ve seen some unexpected pattern combinations in outfits, such as plaid with polka dots, and flowers with animals. They key to success in such a trend is to keep your accessories to solid colors to complement your patterns. (As seen on Altuzarra’s Spring 2017 Runway.)

Of course, if you don’t think you are bold enough to wear two different patterns on yourself, try the simple mix-and-match of the solid color with one of patterns.

See-through Silhouette for Sophistication

For this Spring, be ready to show some skin via sheer silhouette! On the runway (i.e. Dior and Valentino), we’ve seen many models in the fancy see-through silhouette. These designs might not be street-friendly without a camisole underneath, but it represents a unique trend for this fashion season.

If you’d like to try the see-through silhouette that gives some built-in coverage, try something like Self-Portrait Dresses.

Self-Portrait Hall Lace Mini Dress
Self-portrait Hall Lace Mini Dress

One-shoulder Silhouette with Ruffles 

Last Spring and Summer we saw a lot of off-shoulder silhouette. For this year, we see a lot of one-shoulder tops and dresses. If you want to invest in a one-shoulder piece, try it with ruffles!

Isabel Marant Lavern Printed Cotton And Linen Dress
Isabel Marant Lavern Printed and Linen Dress

Stripes for Statement-making

Stripes are one of my all-time favorites when it comes to Spring wardrobe. Many fashion houses are showcasing stripes in multi-color and bold patterns. Stripe patterns are also spotted on shoes.

In my opinion, I’d prefer to invest in silhouettes with stripes than shoes with strips, because the clothing pieces will more likely to be in trend for future Spring and Summer seasons!

RedValentino Striped Knitted Sweater

RedValentino Striped Knitted Sweater

Blossom Flowers to Celebrate the Season

When it comes to wearing floral design for outfits, we usually mix them with some solid staples (i.e. floral dress with solid-color stilettos) and avoid wearing blossom flowers from head to toe. However, for this season, we’ve seen some fashion houses (i.e. Balenciaga and Chloe) demonstrate the essence of the warm season.

If you are going for a head-to-toe floral style, consider trying the floral printed handbags and boots to complete your outfits.

Fendi Kan Small Floral-printed Leather Shoulder Bag

Fendi Kan Small Floral-printed Leather Shoulder Bag

Military Inspired Attires for a Twist

Military style wool coats were popular in Fall 2016. For this Spring, consider switching to a thinner military cotton jackets with some fun variations. For example, try Veronica Beard’s Appliquéd cotton jacket. The black lace on the shoulders and the drawstring at the waist will give your would-be casual look a sophisticated twist!

Veronica Beard Appliquéd Cotton Jacket

Why Do I Still Enjoy Watching the Show, Sex and The City

Ever since the “Sex and the City” TV show was released, it has been one of my favorite shows. I’ve watched it so many times, but I never get tired of it!

I like it not only because it’s about people finding love in a big city.  I enjoy watching the “Sex and the City” show because it’s about four close friends (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha), each with a unique personality, who care about each other dearly, and help each other go through ups and downs in their lives.

In my opinion, the bond of the four main characters’ friendship in the “Sex and the City” show actually outweighs the handsome lovers they have throughout the six seasons. In the “Sex and the City” Season 4, Episode 1-“The Agony and the Extasy”, Charlotte believes that there’s “one perfect soul mate” for each person while the other girls thought there’s no such thing as “one perfect soul mate”.

Whether there’s “one perfect soul mate” for each person or not, towards the end of the episode, all four of them are sitting in the coffee shop. Carrie was depressed and felt sad about being alone without a guy on her 35th birthday. Charlotte suggested the sweetest idea that all four of them can be each other’s soul mate instead waiting for the perfect guy to be the so call “soul mate”.

In the end of “The Agony and the Ecstasy” episode, as Carrie walks home from the meeting with the girls in the coffee shop, she saw Mr. Big (who had returned to New Year from London) waiting to give her red balloons and celebrate her birthday with a bottle of champagne. It was a friendly gesture, but it really added a nice touch to the episode. I guess sometimes a girl can have soul mates and a lover, too. Why settle for just one of them, right!

Another big reason I enjoy watching the ‘Sex and the City” show is its fashion component. The show wouldn’t be quite as fabulous without the die-for handbags, the fabulous stilettos, and gorgeous dresses. Although I can’t help wonder how a writer (Carrie) can afford all the luxury accessories in a big city. But as long as everything look good in the show, why does it matter if it resembles the reality, right?

Christian Louboutin Private Patent Leather Peep-Toe Slingback Pumps

Red is one of my all-time favorite colors, especially for clothing and shoes.  When I saw the Private Patent Leather Peep-toe Slingback Pumps by Christian Louboutin in red, I knew I had to get it.

A simple way to wear red shoes is to pair them with black dresses.  Alice + Olivia has a cute Inara Embellished Dress in black with golden beads and sequins.  The gold embellishment goes well with the red stiletto! Alice + Olivia Inara Embellished Dress

Buy Alice + Olivia has a cute Inara Embellished Dress

The Yumi Crepe Dropped-Waist Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Have you ever tried to explain a dress to a guy, and he just didn’t really understand? Some dresses are just hard to explain. The Yumi Crepe Dropped-Waist Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of these.


I first saw the Yumi dress about three months ago, and it immediately caught my attention. Finally, I couldn’t resist it anymore, and so I bought it. The first thing that I noticed was that the model wore the dress with a plaid shirt. I think the shirt looks great on the model, but for me, I prefer wearing the dress without a shirt or layer underneath. I like wearing the Yumi dress with a long-waisted cashmere sweater.


The dress is pleated, which gives it a distinctive look. The pleats remind me in some way of the school uniform dresses I wore when I was young. The overall effect of the dress is a bit girly, but sophisticated.

A friend asked me about where I’d wear this dress and where I wouldn’t. I answered that, in my opinion, the dress is perfectly suited for work in a business casual environment (like where I work now) or maybe a Happy Hour after work. I don’t think I’d wear this dress to a weekend event, but I can see other people doing so.

Appropriate shoes are an interesting question too. Today, as I write this post, I’m wearing almond-shaped-toe black flats with kitten heels. The model in these pictures is wearing booties with straps, which I think is another good match. I wouldn’t wear this dress with sandals or tall boots, but again, those options might look good on you.

The neckline is V-cut which makes it perfect for a short chain and pendant, if you’re not wearing a shirt. There are many V-neck black dress designs, but the Yumi Crepe Dropped-Waist Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs is one you should check out!

Cashmere Hoodie Sweater for Fall

I am a big fan of cashmere sweaters for the Fall and Winter seasons. Each year I like to add some new cashmere sweaters (from V-neck to turtle neck) to my collection. I usually like to get non-basic colors, such as different shades of red, green, purple, and blue. This year I am more into a particular basic color – grey.

One of my all-time favorite designs for cashmere sweaters is the zip-front hoodie. In my opinion, it is quite versatile. I can wear one over a tank top and zip it up as a regular sweater. Or wear one over a tee-shirt and unzip the sweater as a  jacket.

Another way I like to wear a zip-front cashmere hoodie sweater is to layer it with a blazer. This combination adds some fun and style to the outfit. It’s perfect for a casual Friday at work or outing on the weekend.

Ann Taylor Cashmere Hoodie – $189 via Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Cashmere Hoodie

JCrew Cashmere Hoodie

JCrew Cashmere Hoodie

Vince Cashmere Blend Thermal Hoodie – $395 via Nordstrom

Vince Cahmere Blend Thermal Hoodie

Pink is the New Neutral for Spring 2014

What’s your favorite color for Spring 2014? Pastel color is in for the season. The colors in the category include light green, light yellow, light blue, light pink, and light orange. But pink is special, because it goes well with more colors than the other pastels.

For the Spring season, we are seeing a lot of pink from top to bottom. Eye shadow, lipstick and lip gloss, tops, skirts, handbags, and shoes are all making appearances this season. Every year I read about what the “in color” is. This season it looks like pink is the “in color”.

Some people think the color pink is too girly. But in my opinion pink can be classic and elegant, or can be too close to Hello Kitty. For example, a pink lace dress like Adrianna Papell Lace Sheath Dress can be worn to a Spring wedding or Sunday brunch.

 Adrianna Papell Lace Sheath Dress – $158 via Nordstrom.com

Adrianna Papell Lace Sheath Dress

Dolce & Gabbana Pink Silk Embroidered Dress – $1,892 via Farfetch

Dolce & Gabbana Pink Silk Embroidered Dress

Nicole Miller Lace Fitted Cap Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress – $294 (originally $420) via Nordstrom.com

Nicole Miller Lace Fitted Cap Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress

Another example of “good pink” would be a pink Valentino Small Rockstud Double Handle Tote. This is the small version of Valentino’s famous Rockstud tote in the new pink color. This bag would be perfect from afternoon to evening.

Valentino Small Rockstud Double Handle Tote – $2,145 via Nordstrom.com

Valentino - 'Small Rockstud' Double Handle Tote

Saint Laurent Baby Duffle Shoulder Bag – $1,278 via Farfetch

Saint Laurent Classic Baby Duffle Bag

In short, if you have been avoiding pink because you think it’s too young or immature, I advise you to give pink another look this Spring season.

Valentino Lace Couture Bow Open Toe Pump – $1,045 via Nordstrom.com

Valentino Lace Couture Bow Open Toe Pump

Saint Laurent Petite Ligne Y Leather Tote – $2,490 via Nordstrom.com
Saint Laurent Petite Ligne Y Leather Tote

Sweatshirts for New Stylish Look

Sweatshirts are in for this season. Just like the overalls that made their way back to style with a new straight leg fit, sweatshirts are in with an updated look. The sweatshirt is no longer limited to a relaxed fit that is only suitable for the gym or errand runs. Now, they are available in a classic fit which gives you an instant stylish upgrade.

I like the new version of sweatshirts, because they are not baggy at all; they are fitted enough to provide you a stylish look without giving up all the comfort. Have you updated your wardrobe? Here is what I wore yesterday for a casual Sunday. It was perfect for Sunday brunch with friends and family.

JCrew – Weekend Sweatshirt (originally $60, now on sale at JCrew.com for $39.99)

JCrew Weekend Sweatshirt

True Religion – Skinny Jeans (http://btlk.it/25k3 )

True Religion Skinny Jeans

Saint Laurent – Sac de Jour Small Carryall Bag in Blue

Saint Laurent - Sac de Jour Small Carryall Bag

Vince – “Blaire 5” Slip-on Sneaker in black (originally $195, now on sale now at Nordstrom.com for $146.25)

Vince – “Blaire 5″ Slip-on Sneaker in black

Click here to shop for stylish sweatshirt.

JCrew Cable Sweatshirt
JCrew Cable Sweatshirt

Overalls is the New Trend for the Season

When I was a freshman in college, I was really into wearing overalls. I thought they were very comfortable for school and easy to put together for an outfit. I had five pairs of overalls in different materials and colors (blue jeans, white jeans, and brown cords). I wore either black oxford or tennis shoes with the blue and the white overalls. I also had a pair of brown Mary Janes (with chunky high heels) dedicated for the brown cords overalls.

A classmate of mine once asked me a question while I was in school: “Hey, Shirley, my uncle is a farmer and he wears overalls all the time. But you are not a farmer, why are you wearing overalls so often?” This showed how obsessed I was with the overalls. My passion for overalls phased out after the first few years in college.

This season overalls have made their way back into the fashion trend. This time, it’s no longer a relaxed fit as it used to be. They are in a more fitted design, often with straight leg hems. This enable us to create a more stylish look. You can pair them with a simple tee shirt and sandals for the day time, or pair them with a fashionable black pump for a evening out.

Many name brand jeans companies are offering overalls for this season. For example, you can get Paige Denim-Sierra overalls for $279 (on sale for $186.93), Citizens of Humanity-Drama Quincey overalls for $297 (on sale for $198.98), and True Religion for $358. I think these are a bit too pricey! Whereas you can get a less expensive pair from Nordstrom for under $100, or from H&M for just $39.

Is it worth it to buy a pair of overalls for over $300? I really like Citizens of Humanity’s Drama Quincey overalls, but I am not sure if I want to pay $300 for a pair of overalls that I only plan to wear a few times. Will you invest this much for a pair of overalls for this season?

Paige Denim-Sierra overalls
Paige Denim-Sierra overalls
Citizens of Humanity-Drama Quincey overalls
Citizens of Humanity-Drama Quincey overalls

SJP Shoes and Handbags by Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP Shoes and Handbags by Sarah Jessica Parker

One of the latest news items in the fashion accessory world is the upcoming debut of the new SJP, by Sarah Jessica Parker (the famous “Sex and The City” actress). Her success in starring as the fashionable shoe-loving character Carrie Bradshaw in the show brought many high-end accessories to the spotlight, including Manolo Blahnik.

SJP is the new shoe and handbag line Sarah Jessica Parker designed by partnering up with George Mulkemus, the Manolo Blanik’s president. The line will launch exclusively with Nordstrom on Feb. 28, 2014.

I was not surprised when I heard about this news. Sarah Jessica Parker has been one of the icons in the fashion world over the past fifteen years. I have always admired the bags she used when she was spotted in fashion magazines while she was photographed while running her errands. And I like her effortless fashionable style. I can’t think of anyone else better suited than SJP to launch a new accessory line.

The shoes from SJP look simple and yet elegant. They actually remind me of Manolo Blanik shoes. However, I think the SJP prices, a new line launched by a celebrity instead of an existing famous shoe designer, are a bit high.

For example, a pair of Manolo’s iconic BB cost about $595, whereas a pair of SJPs is around $350. My initial hunch for the price of a pair of SJPs was around $250, since it’s a new “non-designer” line.

I hope the SJP shoes will live up to my expectations as a made-in- Italy celebrity line. Based on the pictures, they look very classic and are available in several unique colors. If that’s the case, when the SJP line launches on February 28, I will definitely give the line a serious look. I am betting on the fact that someone who wears designer shoes, like Sarah Jessica Parker, will make high quality products that resemble some of the uniquene features of the designer lines.

SJP Accessories by Sarah Jessica Parker

The Ten Best Shoes for New Year’s Eve Parties

I hope you all had a great time with your friends and family for the recent Christmas celebration. This leaves us one last holiday of the year: New Year’s Eve. Are you still searching for the right pair of shoes to go with your fabulous outfit? Here are my top ten picks, listed by the designer name, in alphabetical order. The best thing about these shoes is that they are great, not just for the holidays, they are also great for any special occasion you have in the upcoming year. Can you believe that this year will be over in a few days?

Christian Louboutin – Body Strass Mesh Red-Sole Pump in Grenadine ($1,195)  This classic pump reminds me of the Cinderella pump by Christian Louboutin last year. Although this Body Strass Mesh pair is not as fancy as the Cinderella, it will be more suitable for all evening occasions.
Christian Louboutin – Body Strass Mesh Red-Sole Pump in Grenadine

Giuseppe Zanotti – Suede Crystal-Cuff Sandal in Black ( $1,295)  This design of this pair of sandals might be simple; typical straps on the ankle. However, the straps are unique with sparkling crystals. It will show off your long and lean legs!

Giuseppe Zanotti – Suede Crystal-Cuff Sandal in Black

Gucci – High-Heel d’Orsay Crystal Pump in Red ($1,650) I always love red shoes, especially when it they have crystals. This pair of Gucci d’Orsay Crystal Pump will be perfect with any black dresses you wear.

Gucci – High-Heel d’Orsay Crystal Pump in Red

Gucci – Sofia Etoile Crystal Pump ($2,295)  A pair of black heels goes well with anything. But this Gucci is no ordinary pair. It’s covered with crystals and supported by one and a half inches of platform. It will totally help you to stand out in a crowd.

Gucci – Sofia Etoile Crystal Pump

Ivanka Trump – Maggie Pump ($129.95)  Designer heels are pricy, but there are some affordable options out there for the holiday parties. This Ivanka Trump pair would be good for evenings. This pair reminds me of Jimmy Choo’s Luna open toe pump.

Ivanka Trump – Maggie Pump

Jimmy Choo – Baxen Glittered Wedge Pump ($625)  Most of the nice looking heels are not really comfortable for walking and standing on feet for too long. If you are wearing pants/jeans this pair of glitter wedge-pumps will be great for you. I was a bridesmaid for my dear friend’s party in Hong Kong a few weeks ago and I wore this pump with a long and elegant bridesmaid’s dress. This shoe helped me to get through the day, from the wedding ceremony, reception, to the after-party.

Jimmy Choo – Baxen Glittered Wedge Pump

Jimmy Choo – Tayn Crystal T-Strap Sandal ($1,595, on sale for $801)  This pair of Jimmy Choo sandals is classic. It goes well with any outfit, such as pants, long and short dresses. The downside of the design is that it has 4” heels without any platform. I almost got a pair in red, but I changed my mind after I tried them on. It looks pretty, but I know it would start to hurt ten minutes after I stand up in it without any platform.

Jimmy Choo – Tayn Crystal T-Strap Sandal

Manolo Blahnik – BB Crystal Pump in Silver ($1,685)  Manolo Blahnik’s BB pump is famous for its comfortable design. They are usually available in leather, satin, or suede. This pair of Manolo BB pumps is unique; it’s made of silver satin and crystal. It will look stylish with both pants and dresses.

Manolo Blahnik – BB Crystal Pump in Silver

Rene Caovilla – Crystl-Trim Lace Platform Pump in Silver ($1,145)  Rene Caovilla’s heels are always elegant. This pair is covered with lace and trimmed with Swarovski crystals. I think it would look great with a satin dress in red, such as Talbot Runhof’s Sleeveless Ruched Cocktail Dress.

Rene Caovilla – Crystl-Trim Lace Platform Pump in Silver

Valentino – Rockstud Crystallized T-Strap Slingback ($3,545)  Who can say “no” to the famous Valentino’s rockstud heel, especially when it’s covered with crystals? The moment you step into this pair, it will transform your outfit into classic attire.

Valentino – Rockstud Crystallized T-Strap Slingback