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5 Things to Try This Month – March 2017

March is the transition month from Winter to Spring. If you haven’t thought about updating your wardrobe with some light hue silhouette and accessories, it’s time to start!

Below are some of my preliminary suggestions for the month of March. I hope they will give you some inspirations for your Spring wardrobe makeover project !

Green Color Nail Design for St. Patrick’s Day

If you like green, March is a great time to get green nails for the St. Patrick’s Day. For my March gel nail design, I have some green stones on my greenish blue sparkling nails. Not only is it a fun alternative to my usual red nail color, it also prevents me from getting pinched if I forgot to wear green on the St. Patrick’s Day!


Pamper Yourself with New Lip Beauty Product

I am a big fan of lip glosses. In March, Dior released its new lipstick beauty product, Dior Addict Lacquer Stick. This has a glossy formula; it’s almost like a lip gloss on a lipstick. I ordered it in a few shades and I can’t wait to try them on when I receive them!

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick

Fun Mini Shoulder Bag

As we are transitioning out of the Winter, it’s always a good idea to add a new handbag in a light color for the Spring season. Try something like the Valentino Garavani Lock Mini crystal-embellished shoulder bag! This is a perfect addition to your outfits on a sunny day as well as for a night out-and-about.

Valentino Garavani Lock Mini Crystal-embellished Shoulder Bag

Sweatshirt for March Madness

Who says March Madness is for basketball fans only? This time of year, some of my friends would be picking their brackets and anticipating the college basketball games. Although I am not a sport fan, I sometimes join my friends for drinks in the bar and watching some of the games. I won’t be wearing any school logo shirts, but I will be wearing my Kenzo cotton sweatshirts!

Kenzo Cotton Sweatshirt

Swap Out Your Wool Accessories with a Silk Scarf for Spring

The first day of Spring is in March. It’s time to switch out your wool scarf with a silk one. I recommend something with flowers in the design to spice up your attire. Try Gucci’s silk scarf below.

Gucci Silk Scarf

A Perfectly Fitted Gucci Pair of Sunglasses is more Personal than I Thought

Do you have a sunglasses fetish? I can’t entirely claim that I do, but throughout the past years I’ve collect a handful of nice sunglasses I use on sunny days.

Finding a perfectly fitted pair of sunglasses for me is never easy. I could browse through stores an entire day and still can’t find one I really like. Last year, in Las Vegas, I found one that I wanted in the Gucci boutique. This pair of Gucci sunglasses was my immediate pick after I tried on a couple in the Gucci store. Not only because it looked good on me, I was also fond of its styling with a small Gucci logo and ribbon on the frame.

Gucci Sunglasses

Another reason I like this pair of Gucci sunglasses is because it’s really light. I brought it to my four Las Vegas trips this year!

For my recent trip to the sunny California, I brought this favorite pair of Gucci sunglasses with me. While I was at the mall with my family, we visited the Barnes & Noble bookstore. I walked into the store wearing my Gucci sunglasses, but somehow lost it before I walked out of the store.

I must dropped it somewhere between the café and kid’s books section inside of the bookstore. After searching the store multiple times and finding nothing, I went to check with the front desk.

The girl who was working at the front desk asked me to describe the sunglasses. As soon as I mentioned “Gucci”, she said, “Oh, probably no one will turn it in”. My heart dropped, because she’s probably right. I’d never see that particular pair of sunglasses of mine ever again. I left my contact information with them and called them today. But there’s still no sign of my sunglasses.

My four-year old niece always looks at things in bright ways. After we walked out of the bookstore, she cheerfully said, “Let’s go buy a new pair”! Hours later I found a new pair of Dior’s special edition sunglasses with Swarovski crystals on the temples (Dior Mystere Sunglasses) at the Dior boutique at the South Coast Plaza mall.

Normally buying a new accessory, especially when it’s labeled as “special edition”, would make me feel very good, but somehow I don’t feel as excited as I could have been. Part of me feels bad that I lost something I still really like. (If only I was paying more attention while I was in the bookstore!)

Now I can image how Carrie Bradshaw (a character in the “Sex and City” show) felt when she lost her brand new Manolo Blahnik shoes at a friend’s baby shower! At least I had my Gucci sunglasses for 8 months. Carrie had to borrow other people’s shoes in order to walk home, but I have my new Dior to accompany me home!

Dior Mystere Special Edition Sunglasses w. Crystals