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2017 Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up, soon. Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for your significant other? Below are some of my gift suggestions for this Valentine’s Day. Of course, they can also be ideas for yourself!

Leather Shoulder Bag with Red Hearts

Nothing expresses love better than red hearts. The Saint Laurent’s Classic Small Kate Monogram Embellished leather shoulder bag is covered with small red hearts, which might seemed a bit girly. But the Saint Laurent’s signature monogram and the tussle on the bag balance out the girliness with the classic look, which make the bag one of a kind. It’s worth the money!

Saint Laurent Small Kate Monogram Shoulder Bag

Valentino Tan-go Leather Pumps

Red is one of my favorite colors when it comes to accessories. In my opinion, a pair of red shoes is a must-have for every woman. If you  want something that is easier for you to walk than a four-inch stilettos, I suggest you try Valentino’s Tan-go Leather Pumps in metallic red leather. They go well with both short skirts and mid-high dresses.

Valentino Tan-go Leather Pumps

Small Jewelry in Heart Shape

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is more affordable for this Valentine’s Day, try this Dear Medium Necklace by Swarovski. This necklace is made up of a rose gold-plated metal heart with a crystal pave heart. The design is simple yet full of love!

Swarovski Dear Medium Necklace

New Lip Balm with a Kiss

Nourishing our lips on daily basis is a must-do! I like to keep different kind of lip balms in stock and rotate them based on my daily mood.
Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-in-Balm

Whether you are celebrating the Valentine’s Day or not, it never hurts to treat yourself with something pink and fun!


Mary Jane Pumps by Saint Lauren

Do you own a pair a Mary Jane pumps?

I really like Mary Jane style pumps. When I was young I often wore that style. Recently, the Mary Jane style has been updated and modernized. In particular, Saint Lauren recently released five creative designs that are especially interesting.

Saint Laurent Patent Leather Mary Jane Pump – $995 via Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Patent Leather Mary Jane Pump

Of the five Saint Laurent styles — Gold Glitter Leather, Patent Leather with Silver Glitter Heel, Animal Print, Patent Leather with White Stripe, and Patent Leather with Multi-Stripe and Kitten Heel — my two favorites are the Gold Glitter Leather and the Patent Leather with Silver Glitter Heel.

The Gold Glitter Leather style is beautiful but I think it could be worn only on special occasions. The Silver Glitter Heel is the most versatile. I can imagine myself wearing this style to work or for an evening out almost anywhere.

I wondered about why this particular style is called “Mary Jane“. It turns out that the Mary Jane style, which is characterized by a closed toe and one or more thin straps, has been popular for many decades. The style first became called “Mary Jane” starting in 1904 because a hugely popular newspaper comic strip called “Buster Brown” featured a young girl character named May Jane who always wore the style.

My male friend especially liked the Saint Laurent Animal Print model. He thought that style combined classy and sexy. But I thought the Animal Print style was better suited to a younger girl rather than a woman. What do you think?

Mary Jane pumps have been fashion staples for over 100 years. If you don’t have a pair, consider adding one or more to your wardrobe for the Winter or Fall seasons.

Saint Laurent Glitter Mary Jane Pump – $845 via Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Glitter Mary Jane Pump

Saint Laurent Animal-Print Mary Jane Pump – $845 via Saks.com

Saint Laurent Animal-Print Mary Jane Pump

Plaid for Fall 2014

One of the must-have trends for Fall 2014 is plaid. This season, we are seeing a lot of plaid from top to bottom. Plaid shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, handbags, and shoes are all making their appearance in Fall fashion.

Out of all the plaid clothes and accessories, my favorite is the skirt, such as Saint Laurent Paris’ mini-skirt. I had a short skirt and a dress in a similar pattern when I was little. Seeing the Saint Laurent Paris’ mini-skirt reminds me how much I loved my plaid. Pairing them with black tights was my favorite.

Even though it has been many years since I wore a plaid skirt or dress, my passion for plaid never diminished. Burberry cashmere plaid scarves are one of my annual cold weather essentials.

Although I am very fond of plaid accessories, I don’t necessary like every plaid stilettos. Manolo Blahnik shoes has a “BB Pump” with a plaid design in green, light brown, blue, and several other colors. To be honest, I really don’t like it that much, but I can see how some people might like it a lot.

Have you updated your wardrobe with plaid design? It’s not too late to start, now. Check out Nordstrom, Saks, .

Saint Laurent Paris Tartan Kilt – $1,750 via Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Paris Tartan Kilt Skirt

Manolo Blahnik BB Plaid Pointy Toe Pump – $695 via Nordstrom
Manolo Blahnik BB Plaid Pointy Toe Pump