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The Five Best Shoes for Holiday and Evening for 2017

Each year around the holiday season I like to pick five shoes that I think are perfect for the evening. If you are into glitters, I have three that I highly recommend. If you prefer non-glitters, there are still plenty to choose from.

See below for my suggestions.

Jimmy Choo Hanover Bootie

Glitter boot is in for the Fall and Winter. If you haven’t had the chance to update your wardrobe with an eye-catching boot, try Jimmy Choo’s Hanover Bootie. It’s elegant and stylish. Pairing the Hanover bootie with a miniskirt or short dress will elongate your figure and show off your legs.
Jimmy Choo Hanover Bootie

Jimmy Choo Romy Pointy Toe Pump

If you are looking for a pair of stilettos in glitters, I highly recommend Jimmy Choo’s Romy in ombré glitter. For me, Jimmy Choo’s Romy pumps are very comfortable to wear for hours and the glitters are perfect for the season! Try the Romy pump in pink and black glitters (my current favorite pair)! The shoes will go well with dresses in pink and black.
Jimmy Choo Rommy Glitter Pumps

Miu Miu Studded Glitter Pump

If you are into silver glitter stilettos, try Miu Miu’s Studded Glitter pump. This point-toe pair of Miu Miu shoes is covered in silver glitters and embellished with sparkling studs. I have a pair of Miu Miu Mary Janes in a similar design and with crystal rhinestones. The shoes go well with almost any outfit. In my opinion, if you are traveling for this holiday and can only bring one pair of stilettos with you, this Miu Miu’s Studded Glitter pump will be it for you!
Miu Miu Studded Glitter Pumps
Miu Miu’s Studded Glitter Pump

Gucci Gucci Elaisa Embellished Bow Pump

If you are not into glitter shoes, there are still many options when it comes to the holiday and evening wear. For example, Gucci has the Elaisa Embellished Bow High Heel Pump, which has a removable elastic bow made up of pearl embellishments. You can wear the pump by itself or place the pearl embellishment bow on the shoes (or ankle) to upgrade your look instantly.

Gucci Elaisa Embellished Bow High Heel Pump

Roger Viver Red Ballerina

Red is a must-have for the holiday season. When you need a short break from wearing the stilettos for the evening, try a pair of the ballerina flats. I highly recommend something like Roger Vivier’s Embellished Satin Ballerina shoes in red. This point-toe shoes has crystal-embellished buckles. THe design of the ballerina flat will give you the comfort you need without losing your sparkling charm. I suggest you to pair it with a black dress like The Kooples Floral Lace Dress.
Roger Vivier Embellished Satin Ballerinas
Roger Vivier Embellished Satin Ballerina

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Red has always been my favorite color when it comes to fashion. I love handbags, shoes, dresses, and coats in red, and I will never get tired of the color. Luckily, red is one of the new neutral colors for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018.

If red accessories are not your preferred color, there are still plenty of other Fall trends you can incorporate into your wardrobe for this season. Below are some of my suggestions.


If you are a fan of velvet, this is the perfect season for it. The velvet material can be seen on clothing, shoes, and handbags. Try GG Marmont Medium velvet shoulder bag.
This bag is not only made of velvet in a trending purple color, it is also a statement-making accessory for “love”!
Gucci GG Marmont Medium velvet shoulder bag

Fringe or Feather

If you want to invest in a unique piece for the season, consider something with a fringe or feathers. Something like Alice + Olivia’s Philomena Dress., with just the right amount of the feather element, you can add a twist to the style by pairing it up with some fashion jewelry. You won’t be able to wear it all the time, but it will always be a classic item in your wardrobe.
Alice + Olivia Philomena Dress

Glitter Boots

One of the must-have accessories for this season is glitter boots. We’ve seen it offered by various brands, from Kate Spade to Saint Laurent. The sparkles on the shoes will instantly upgrade your look, no matter what you are wearing. A pair of glitter boots will definitely come in handy as we get closer to the holiday season.
Saint Laurent Niki Crystal Embellished Boot

Classic Plaid

Plaid is a classic Fall fashion element. It is available on stylish suits, jackets, and skirts for this season. One of my favorites items is Chloé’s Plaid Blazer. The combination of the red buttons with the brown plaid hue and the design on the lapel gives this blazer a traditional and stylish appearance.

Chloe Plaid Blazer


Red hue, the color of the season. Any clothing items, shoes, and bags in red will immediately spice up your outfits. If you want to invest in at least one red item for this season, I’d suggest you to try a pair of red leather booties. Not only this is in trend right now, it will also be a special addition to your wardrobe. Try Stuart Weitzman.

The Must-Have Pair of Sneakers

If you’ve been following fashion trends, you know that there is a type of shoe that everyone should have to complete their wardrobe. Of course, it is a pair of sneakers, but it’s not just any pair of sneakers. It’s the must-have Adidas Stan Smith sneaker.

Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker

The first time I saw the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker was at Nordstrom last year. I thought it looked like a pair of comfortable shoes, but didn’t think about getting them. It was because I was afraid I would get them stained too easily.

It wasn’t until March of this year when I was planning for my April trip to Taipei, Taiwan, that I bought a pair of the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

I have to say it was definitely a great buy. For the long international flight to Taipei, I wore the new Adidas Stan Smith sneaker with my Juicy Couture velour hoodie and pants. When I was in Taipei, Taiwan, I wore the sneakers with shorts. The Adidas Stan Smith sneakers were perfect for traveling.

The Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are also great for day-to-day wear. After I came back from my trip, I wore the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker with a pair of black True Religion skinny jeans. This combination goes well with a casual top or nice sweatshirt.

True Religion Skinny Jeans

Another way I like to wear the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker is with my short denim dress and green Dior Diorama wallet on chain clutch. Both the sneaker and the denim dress go well with any other cross body bags.

Diorama wallet on chain clutch

While I was enjoying my favorite Adidas Stan Smith sneaker, I didn’t think much about the origin of the sneakers themselves. I finally read up on the history and learned a little background of the sneakers.

The Adidas Stan Smith sneaker was named after the famous American tennis player, Stan Smith, in 1971. (The shoe tongue even has a portrait of Stan Smith.) The Adidas Stan Smith sneaker was very popular for decades, but Adidas discontinued the sneaker in 2012, then brought them back in 2014.

If you haven’t own a pair of the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, it’s never too late to own this versatile shoes!

Roger Vivier Belle Vivier Embellished Satin Ballerinas

Roger Vivier is a designer who is often called the Faberge of footwear. Vivier shoes have been worn by Ava Gardner, the Beatles, and by Queen Elizabeth for her coronation. In other words, Vivier is a classic designer. The signature style of Vivier shoes is a large toe buckle. This feature clearly distinguishes Vivier from other designers.

(Roger Vivier shoes and bag available at Mytherasa.com)


I recently bought a pair of Vivier embellished satin ballerinas. They were black with sparkly crystal toes and toe-buckle. I think they’d be a perfect match with many styles of dresses. In particular, I can see this pair of Viviers match with a black ruffled, short dress for day or evening event.

The buckle on my Vivier’s is large but a bit subtle because the buckle blends in with the crystals on the toe cap. This makes the Vivier’s a bit different from most other shoes that feature a large buckle.


The ballerina style is very comfortable, and especially nice for events where you might have to be on your feet for several hours.

I’d say that Roger Vivier satin with crystal style is quite close to Manolo shoes with a similar motif. But Vivier high heels shoes tend to be more expensive than Manolo. But Vivier flats are just a bit more expensive than similar Manolo flats.

If you’re not familiar with Roger Vivier shoes, you should check them out! (Available at Mytherasa.com)

Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter Pumps

I’ve always been a fan of shoes that have glitter and sparkle. So, a few weeks ago, before my recent trip to Las Vegas, I was browsing the Saks Fifth Avenue Web site and came across the Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter Pumps. The pumps come in gold and silver.

Right away, I knew I wanted the sparkly, spiky silver pumps! I didn’t hesitate for long and bought them immediately. While I was buying the shoes, I was thinking about which dresses I could pair the shoes with.

A week later I received the shoes and they were everything I expected and more! The glitter perfectly complemented the silver spikes and the signature Louboutin red soles. The spiked glitter pumps are elegant, but can be worn either during the day or evening.

Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter Pumps in Silver
Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter Pumps in Silver

A few days later, I brought my new Louboutin pumps to Las Vegas. I was really annoyed when the airline left my luggage in Seattle, but my suitcase and pumps showed up the next morning. I was relieved.

That evening I ate dinner with two of my friends at my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas — Sinatra’s at the Encore hotel. I wore an Alice & Olivia navy blue Clover Fitted Lace Dress and my friends said the shoes and dress went well together.

I’m glad I bought the Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter Pumps. They’re a great addition to my glittery shoe collection for special occasions.

Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter Pumps in Silver
Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter Pumps in Silver

Christian Louboutin Follies Spiked Glitter Pumps – via Saks Fifth Avenue $1,295

Mary Jane Pumps by Saint Lauren

Do you own a pair a Mary Jane pumps?

I really like Mary Jane style pumps. When I was young I often wore that style. Recently, the Mary Jane style has been updated and modernized. In particular, Saint Lauren recently released five creative designs that are especially interesting.

Saint Laurent Patent Leather Mary Jane Pump – $995 via Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Patent Leather Mary Jane Pump

Of the five Saint Laurent styles — Gold Glitter Leather, Patent Leather with Silver Glitter Heel, Animal Print, Patent Leather with White Stripe, and Patent Leather with Multi-Stripe and Kitten Heel — my two favorites are the Gold Glitter Leather and the Patent Leather with Silver Glitter Heel.

The Gold Glitter Leather style is beautiful but I think it could be worn only on special occasions. The Silver Glitter Heel is the most versatile. I can imagine myself wearing this style to work or for an evening out almost anywhere.

I wondered about why this particular style is called “Mary Jane“. It turns out that the Mary Jane style, which is characterized by a closed toe and one or more thin straps, has been popular for many decades. The style first became called “Mary Jane” starting in 1904 because a hugely popular newspaper comic strip called “Buster Brown” featured a young girl character named May Jane who always wore the style.

My male friend especially liked the Saint Laurent Animal Print model. He thought that style combined classy and sexy. But I thought the Animal Print style was better suited to a younger girl rather than a woman. What do you think?

Mary Jane pumps have been fashion staples for over 100 years. If you don’t have a pair, consider adding one or more to your wardrobe for the Winter or Fall seasons.

Saint Laurent Glitter Mary Jane Pump – $845 via Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Glitter Mary Jane Pump

Saint Laurent Animal-Print Mary Jane Pump – $845 via Saks.com

Saint Laurent Animal-Print Mary Jane Pump

Traveling Outfit for My California Trip

After being in the rain in Seattle for weeks, it’s really nice for me to go to sunny Orange County, CA, to visit my brother and sister-in-law and my niece.

Last night while I was packing I knew exactly what I was going to wear to the airport! I wanted something light, layer-able, and that would keep me warm while I went to work in the morning, and then would make me comfortable when I flew out in the afternoon .

For my top, I wore a short sleeve light gray t-shirt and my most recent favorite cashmere hoodie sweater. I also wore a moto faux leather jacket that I bought last Spring. I always love the combination of hoodie weathers with a short jacket/blazer. It’s a casual and stylish combination.

For bottom, I worn my new Citizen of Humanity skinny jeans in black. They’re so comfy; almost like a legging. Usually I prefer True Religions with crystals for skinny jeans, but the comfort  of this new Citizen skinny made it an easy choice for me.

Citizens of Humanity Skinny Stretch Leggings – $178 via Nordstrom

Citizens of Humanity Skinny Stretch Leggings

For shoes, I wore my Vince Blair 5 slip-on sneakers in black. If I really want to upgrade my look after I arrive to Orange County I can always take off my cashmere hoodie and put on my red slingback Christian Loubouton.

Vince Blair 5 Slip-on Sneakers – $195 via Nordstrom

Vince – “Blaire 5″ Slip-on Sneaker in black

Of course, my outfit is not complete without a handbag. Since my clothing and shoes are all in neutral gray and black, I wanted something to brighten it up. I choose my Louis Vuitton Alma in the new Cerise – bright orange color.

Now, I am really ready for the sunny California!

Louis Vuitton Venis Alma in Cerise

I Love My New Frye Phillip Harness Riding Boots

Last year I bought a pair of Frye Phillip Harness Riding Boots in Burnt Red. I liked the style and color very much, and so when I was in San Francisco for a birthday gathering a few days later, my friends and I went shopping and we all bought a pair of boots from Saks. I got the Frye’s.

Frye Phillip Riding Boots in Burn Red

(To buy the boots click here or the image above.)

After I bought the red pair, a few days later I saw the same style in Black. I really liked the Black, but I hesitated because, first, I had just bought a pair boots (the Burnt Red Frye’s), and second, I already have several pairs of black boots.

Frye Phillip Riding Boots in Black

(To buy the boots click here or the image above.)

But I really wanted those black Frye’s!

So, several months after my trip to San Francisco, one night I was browsing online and discovered the Frye Phillip Harness Riding Boots in Black, on sale! This time I didn’t hesitate and bought them immediately.

Fast forward a week later, I received my boots. I wore them to work the very next day.

I love the way the boots fit me, their feel, and their look. I was in great mood all that day long. As Lady Gaga sings, “You are who you wear it’s true. A girl’s just as hot as the shoes she choose”.

Fall 2014 Trend: Over-the-Knee Boots

Boots that are over-the-knee have been around for many years. You might remember in the movie “Pretty Woman”. Juliet Roberts, when she was “working” (as a call girl), met Richard Gere, and was wearing black patent, over-the-knee boots with high heels. At that time, such boots were considered a bit too sexual.


Fast forward to Fall 2014. Over-the-knee boots are the current fashion trend. In 2014, tall boots usually come in either high heel style or flat sole style. These boots come in several different materials, including leather (both with and without a pattern), suede, and combinations of synthetic and leather materials.

Frye Shirley Riding Over-the-Knee Boots

My current favorite is Frye’s “Shirley Over-the-Knee boots“. I am a big fan of all Frye’s boots and what could be better than Shirley wearing a pair of “Shirley’s”! The leather on this style is soft, unlike some boots which can be a bit too stiff. And the style is versatile enough so that the boots can be worn with skirts, jeans, or casual dresses.

If you’ve been thinking about a new pair of boots for this Fall or Winter, check out over-the-knee boots.

Frey “Shirley” Over-the-Knee boots – $477.95 via Nordstrom

Frye Shirley Over-the-Knee Riding Boots

Designer Shoes Sale at Nordstrom – May 2014

(Shop for Designer Shoes Sale via Nordstrom)

Have you noticed that Nordstrom’s Half-yearly sale for women and kids has been going on since last week? Many accessories, clothing, shoes, and bags are now on sale.

If you are a shoe lover, you are in luck. A handful of designer shoes from the Spring collections are offered at 35% to 40% discounted prices at Nordstrom online. The available brands including, Charlotte Olympia, Jimmy Choo,  Manolo Blahnik, Prada, and Valentino.

The nicest thing about such sales at Nordstrom is that you can pre-order with the sales associates in your local Nordstrom prior to the sale. The downside is that they don’t usually carry every brand or all items that will be on sale.

My solution to this hurdle is to find out what shoes will be on sale from the sales associate in the store and then check the Nordstrom website at the midnight before the sale starts. Staying up late to get the first pick on the designer shoes sale was well worth it. I got all the designer shoes I wanted at 40% off. By the end of the first sale day, several of the designs I bought were all out of stock!

So, the next time you don’t want to miss the items you’ve been waiting for to go on sale, check Nordstrom online around 1:00am when the sale starts!

Below are some shoes from the designer sales. Click the links above the image to shop for other shoes by the designers.

Jimmy Choo – Capri Pump via Nordstrom

Jimmy Choo Capri Pump

 Jimmy Choo – Typhoon Ankle Strap Pump via Nordstrom

Jimmy Choo Typhoon Ankle Strap Pump

Gucci – Jolene Peep Toe Pump via Nordstrom

Gucci Jolene Peep Toe Pump

Manolo Blahnik – Strepitopla Sandal via Nordstrom
Manolo Blahnik Strepitopla Sandal

Prada – Pointy Toe Pump via Nordstrom

Prada Pointy Toe Pump

Saint Laurent – Paris Micro Stud Pump via Nordstrom, also available in White.
Saint Laurent Paris Micro Stud Pump