The Circo at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas

During my most recent trip to Las Vegas I ate dinner at the Circo restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel. Overall I was very impressed. When I update my list of Top Ten Restaurants in Las Vegas, I’m pretty sure Circo will be on the list.

The evening began in the small bar near the entrance of the restaurant. There were three or four small tables and an intimate bar with about 10 tall chairs. The bartender was very friendly and suggested a Raspberry Fizz, one of their house specialties. It was very tasty and the next time I’m at Circo, I’ll probably order it again.

I was seated at a window overlooking so-called Lake Bellagio and had an excellent view of their world famous water fountain show. The waiter was friendly and helpful. For an appetizer, he suggested the lobster salad. The great evening got better when I found it was the best lobster salad I’ve ever had. My friend had a 20 vegetable soup that was fantastic too.

The waiter suggested one of Circo’s signature dishes, a lamb entree, but I decided on an elegant duck ravioli instead. My meal was excellent but be honest I think the duck ravioli would be better as a shared appetizer or shared plate with a group of people. My friend had a New York Steak that was excellent but it’s hard to distinguish between excellent steaks so I can’t really compare it to other steaks I’ve had in Vegas.

For dessert, I had “Zabaglione” – made with raspberry sorbet, champagne, and poached peach. It was perfect – not too sweet, not too heavy – just right. If you’re at or near the Bellagio, and want a good selection with items that are different, but not too different, I recommend that you check out Circo.

Circo at Bellagio, Las Vegas_1
FRANTOIANA-Tuscan twenty-vegetable and bean soup
Circo at Bellagio, Las Vegas_2
INSALATO D’ARAGOSTA-Chilled Maine lobster & avocado salad
Circo at Bellagio, Las Vegas
PANSOTTI-Braised duck filled ravioli
ZABAGLIONE dessertfrom Circo at Bellagio in Las Vegas
ZABAGLIONE-raspberry sorbet, champagne, and poached peach