Three Categories of My Clothes

The last time you went through your closet did you pay attention about how often you wear each item you have?

The clothes I have fall into three categories. The first one is the “love it but never wore it even once”. Clothes in this category are usually purchased by the impulse of owning something very nice, even though I don’t have a specific occasion to wear it. The second category is “nice but only get to wear a few times or less”. The clothes in this category are usually purchased for a particular event, such as a pretty dress I wore for my birthday party. The last category is “love it and want to wear it all the time”. Most of my clothes fall into this category; they are usually more casual and go well with many pieces I have.

My most recent purchase falls into the third category. It’s Mormor Marled Cardigan from Anthropologie. It’s a warm and comfortable sweater, which I just wore for the first time yesterday with jeans and a white cotton shirt. But I already want to wear it again today with skinny jeans and a black cotton shirt.

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