Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit. I go there every year, either for work or for fun with friends.  Why do I like to go to Vegas? First, I love to eat great food and there are a lot of nice restaurants (see my Top Ten Restaurants and Top Five Places for Breakfast in Vegas). Second, I love to shop and there are tons of my favorite stores within walking distance. Third, I love to stay in nice hotels and my favorite hotels are in Vegas (Wynn/Encore, Bellagio, Skylofts at MGM Grand, and Venetian/Palazzo).

To me, Vegas is closely related to fashion and style. It has so many malls (such as Crystal, Forum Shops, Fashion Mall, and the Shoppes at the Palazzo) that full of everyone’s favorite stores. I often see a lot of people with trending styles in Vegas (especially at the nice hotels).

Although online shopping has become very convenient, making purchase decision based on seeing the actual product is still better than relying on the online images. This is especially true when it comes to buying a new handbag. Unlike clothes or shoes, as long as you know your size for the lines you want to purchase you are most likely will be fine. With handbags, you need to hold them in your hand or put them on your shoulder to see if it matches your person style. The material, color, design, and shape all matter!

Image of the Wynn Tower from its Private Pool
Image of the Wynn Tower from its Private Pool


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