Walley Smock Sweater by "Marc by Marc Jacobs"

Walley Smock Sweater by “Marc by Marc Jacobs”

Recently I bought a sweater that’s unlike any I owned before. It’s called the Walley Smock Sweater by Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s an over sized, loos fitting, sweater with a chunky knit material and crewneck.

I was looking at new Fall apparel and came across the Walley online. I knew I wanted it right away! The styling is casual, but trendy. The sweater is hard to descript in words, but in some ways it’s sort of like a cross between a sweater and a sweater dress.

Walley Smock Sweater - Marc by Marc Jacobs

When I bought the Walley, I already knew what I’d wear it with–a black legging or skinny jeans, a long sleeve black or white blouse, and tall black boots.

The first time I put on an outfit featuring the Walley, I was very happy with the way it all turn out.

The Walley comes in three colors: black, gray, and olive green. All three colors are nice and your choice should depend on what you plan to pair the Walley with.

I highly recommend that you check out the Walley Smock Sweater by Marc by Marc Jacobs. An unusual sweater like this is a great way to try something new!


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