Louis Vuitton SC Bag by Sophia Coppola

Olivia Palermo with Louis Vuitton SC bag designed by Sophia Coppola by WhoWhatWear

Being a celebrity has a lot of perks, especially when it comes to fashion. Earlier this month a picture of Olivia Palermo was taken. She’s holding a Louis Vuitton SC bag designed by Sophia Coppola. The design has been around for a few years, but the color (bright red) is new. The official launch date for this bag is June 28. If you are a special customer of the Louis Vuitton store, you get the early peek on what’s going to be launched in advance. You could put in your order, but you won’t be able to take your new bag home until the official launch day.

I’ve seen the bright red SC bag Olivia Palermo held in the picture in the Louis Vuitton store. It’s a bit expensive-$4,850, but I have to say that the design (kind of like LV’s Speedy) and material (all leather) are great. Usually Louis Vuitton’s speedy bags come with the Louis Vuitton signature lock. The SC bag has the signature lock, but the lock is wrapped in the leather in the same material as the bag itself. The keys to the lock are also wrapped in the tussle that holds the lock. Overall, it’s a unique bag and comes in three new colors: bright red, brown, and orange. I like it in bright red the best; it’s chic and fashionable.

Can you image how great would it be if you can have the early access to the bag before the launch date? If I buy a new bag, I’d be so happy if I could take it home without waiting for weeks.

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