Wool Speedy “Kaki” (Khaki)-Continue

In my previous post I described the design and the materials of the “Wool Speedy Kaki”. Here is an additional thought.

The bag has a leather luggage tag attaches to a skinny belt that wraps around the top handle. And here is where I learned something new when the store manager showed me the “Wool Speedy Kaki” bag he reserved for me. The luggage tab and its skinny belt came in separately in one clear bag inside of the “Wool Speedy Kaki”. I watched him put the pieces together and learned the differences between the traditional versus Marc Jacobs’ way on how the luggage tag showcased on the bag. The traditional way is to hide the buckle of the belt inward (facing down); as a result, the luggage tab flaps up slightly. However, on Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection fashion show, Marc Jacobs put the buckles on the show pieces outward (facing up), which keeps the luggage tab close to the body of the bag. After seeing the differences it makes on my “kaki” bag, I like Marc Jacobs’ way much better for two reasons: First, I like the luggage tab to be placed close to the body of the bag, and second, I like the buckle facing out with the luggage tab, which adds “flavor” to the accessory itself. As always, thanks to the manager of the store, I learned another new thing about the LV bags!

Buckle with the Luggage Tag