Wool Speedy “Kaki” (Khaki)

After I posted my last blog regarding the new Speedy bag (from Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection) I purchased recently, some friends want to know more about it.

Well, the full name of this Speedy bag is “Wool Speedy Kaki”. (“Kaki” is in French, as “khaki” in English.) It’s the same size as the “Speedy 30”-one of the iconic LV handbags. However, unlike the traditional “Speedy” bags, the design and materials on the limited-edition “Wool Speedy Kaki” are very unique. It’s designed to be a structured bag and doesn’t slouch like tradition “Speedy” bags. The “Wool Speedy” is made of leather and felted wool embroidered with colorful sequins (whereas the traditional “Speedy” is made of leather and canvas). The top (include the handles) and the bottom of the bag are in brown leather, which keeps the bag in shape. On the bottom there are four round studs that support the bag and to protect the leather from rubbing against anything the bag is being put on. The felted wool is in light khaki color and embroidered with luminous sequins (all hand-sewed) in green and light green. The perceived sequin color varies depend on the light in the surrounding and the angle the bag is held. The color contrast between the wool and the sequins on this “kaki” bag really makes the monogram stands out, versus the “Wool Speedy” in other two colors (burgundy and mustard). See below for an example of the felted wool with the sequins on the bag.

Felted Wool Embroidered with Luminous Sequins